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With back-to-back issues of Western Horse Review, I\’ve been away from My Stable Life for a bit. I admit, I have no excuses. Even though there was a trip to Texas, some meetings, tax preparation and more than one sleigh ride that has consumed my time since my last post. But I\’m hopeful I can get back at \’er with diligence in the coming months.

After the toboggan rides, of course.

I received the kindest note the other day, and I just had to share. On my blog <smile> As many of you may already know, Alberta\’s own Jim Anderson was recently named as one of the Wild Card entries, a new feature at the wildly entertaining Road to the Horse.


On the heels of the January / February 2013 Western Horse Review, The note I received came from Jim and Andrea Anderson themselves:

Hi Jenn! Thanks a million again!! We really do believe that your great article and your genius idea of naming Jim the \”Canadian version of the man from Snowy River\” had lots to do with it!! Can\’t thank you enough. We are truly taking OUR HATS OFF to horse people like you who don\’t hesitate to support other trainers in the industry!!! What a great example you set for all of us!!!!

Thanks, Jim & Andrea


In addition to being super excited for both Jim and Andrea in regards to the exciting Wild Card adventure that awaits them, I cannot tell you how much it made my day to open up my inbox and find that message!

And what was truly ironic about the day I received that note was, in a few minutes I was scheduled to meet with professional trainer Pat Ross. Since it\’s difficult for me to pack two, almost-two-year-old kidlets along and take notes for training information, Pat agreed to come to my house and help me out! Pat is a mentor to so many people and that\’s why I\’m excited to reveal that the April issue of WHR will feature a training exposé with her, regarding \”feel.\” Which is a fabulous extension to the piece I did with Pat in 2008 (Talk to the Hand, April 2008 WHR).


As Pat hugged me goodbye when we were wrapping things up, I realized a pattern was emerging that day… but before I disclose it, here\’s what happened next…

I went back into my arena to gather up the bridles, coat gloss and camera cases I had required to snap some shots of Pat. Professional trainer Glenn Stewart of Fort St. John, BC, had come in to stay at our place for a few days visit. He was in the middle of working with a young colt he had brought along with him.


Knowing that the training put on this horse was minimal at this point, I asked Glenn what he was up to.

\”I\’m going to saddle him today,\” he replied.

With my husband was on baby-duty, I positioned myself in a far corner of the arena, got my camera ready and camped out for another hour. As if I was going to miss out on this opportunity! In the coming months, I will also have some training information to share with you from Glenn Stewart.

(Can you believe this all happened in one day…??)

Anyways, the next picture was snapped in 2012 but it will segue to the point of this post:


Teddy Robinson is one of our greatest mentors in the horse industry. With so many world titles, World\’s Greatest Horseman championships and Snaffle Bit Futurity wins, this man knows what he\’s talking about. And on a working vacation my husband Clay took a few years ago, he found himself at Ted\’s soaking up every ounce of info Mr. Robinson was willing to share.

With a barn full of training horses, world class events to attend, breeding stallions and whatever else on his \”To-Do\” list, we thought it was amazing that Ted had the time to take Clay in. Even for a short while.

When Clay asked Teddy why he so graciously welcomed him into his home and helped him out so freely with information, Ted replied, \”This is about trainers helping trainers. It\’s my way of giving back to the industry.\”

So as long as Clay and I are able, you will see us continue along in the same fashion. Trainers helping trainers is a great way to help the industry we so dearly depend on, thrive.

Good luck Jimmy!


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  1. Pamela Sabo

    I think your articles about so many of our talented Canadian trainers are wonderful, Jenn! So often in the past, really great horse people have gone unremarked because it seems to be our nature that Canadians tend to be more humble and self-effacing than many other nationalities.

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