Going Green


“The Green Man cometh and the Green Man taketh away…” A quote I overheard while sitting in the stands Wednesday, watching  Shawn Flarida and RC Fancy Step mark a 227.5 to take the lead in the open preliminaries.

How true. I had a good chuckle. Then I quickly wrote the quote down in my blog notes so I wouldn’t forget to share it with y\’all.

Another great quote overheard was – “The interesting thing about increasing the degree of difficulty is, it actually becomes more difficult!”

We\’ve been having a great time at the NRBC. Clay had a few too many penalty points, which prevented him from making it into the L1 or Limited Open finals. However he felt it was a great learning experience in respect to understanding how to show his new mount. Since I do not yet have my hands on his show video or photographs, here is a clip from his warm-up the night prior to his class…

Congratulations to Jesse Beckley of Cranbrook, BC, and Mizzen Whizzen owned by Marilyn Copeland for making it into the finals of Level 1 and the Limited Open finals!


The prelim scores are all in now and competitors at the NRBC in Katy, TX, are anxiously waiting for their turn in the finals. Tomorrow will showcase the Non-Pro finalists who made “the bubble” and at 5:00 pm, the $25,000 Open CRI and USEF Competition will start.


Considering open classic preliminary money, open rider Todd Sommers officially became an NRHA Million Dollar rider by making it into the Open Finals. Abigayle Mixon and Julgun (Playgun x Julie Christie) are leading the Intermediate Open division with a 223.5. And former Canadian, Sean McBurney sits in a three-way tie at the head of the Limited Open and Level 1 Open, riding Tin Top Kat (High Brow Cat x Moms Stylish Pepto).


We are excited to see how everything will play out! But before I log off for the evening, I wanted to share the photo I took of the sweet lady who looks after the sponsor seating area. All I can say is there are some amazing goodies to snack on here, courtesy of her!


For full results, check out: www.nrbc.com


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