Greycup Reflections & Help for a Rare Present


It\’s kind of a sad day here at the farm. By now I\’m sure you are all aware that the Roughriders lost in their quest for the Greycup, for a second time \’round yesterday.

Everybody has their own way of coping. Defeat was written all over quarterback Darian Durant\’s face as the game moved into the final few seconds of play. When it was over, each of our friends wore the same shocked looks on their faces as we all departed from the Greycup party. And immediately after that, my husband felt the urgent and drastic need to move snow with his tractor.


But today is a new day. And lots of interesting things are happening these days as well. The 2010 Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, SK, wrapped up another year this past Saturday. Shawn Flarida and Shine Chic Shine are currently sitting at the top of the leader board in the Open Futurity division, as the end of the first go draws to a close and the second one begins in Oklahoma City, OK.

Oh and my husband has caught on to my Christmas shopping plans… While that may be a crime in itself, the real injustice is that I can\’t find what he wants – anywhere! And I\’m hoping that one of you fine friendly readers can help me? If anyone knows where I can purchase a rare DVD release of the inspirational, true story \”Pharlap,\” please drop me a line!


Please note that of the few DVDs I have found available for sale on the internet, all thus far are Region 4 versions – meaning they only work in places like New Zealand or Australia and will not play on North American machines. We\’re looking for a Region 1 DVD.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


4 thoughts on “Greycup Reflections & Help for a Rare Present”

  1. Sorry, don’t have one for you, but a recommendation for anyone who does find it….watch it. One of the best movies I’ve ever enjoyed!! Good Luck!

  2. You could take the VHS (U.S., Canada) version and have it made into a DVD, Have fun on your treasure hunt.

  3. Jenn Webster

    Thanks for the ebay link Jess! I think he will be happy to get the movie in any form possible at this rate! And then yes, perhaps I can find a way to make it into a DVD. Thanks for the suggestions ladies!!

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