All this was after we collected 2 stallions and bred a bunch of mares. Then we packed up the trailer, loaded with 5 show horses and left the farm at 3:12 pm.

By 3:16 we were stuck.


We weren\’t going fast …because we couldn\’t go fast. Gumbo is just tricky stuff. We were lucky to get to the Cardston Agri-dome in time for the 2010 Cardston Derby!

And yes, I know you are wondering so I\’ll stop your agonizing suspense. Danielle and I did come up with a song to match the occasion…

Tractor Man, Tractor Man

He\’s your neighborhood Tractor Man

He\’ll plow your fields

He\’ll tow your truck

He comes to save you when you\’re in the muck

Look out… Here comes the tractor man!


8 thoughts on “Gumbo”

  1. Dianne McCulloch

    Hooray for Wade and his big green horse! Corb Lund wrote a pretty good song about the mud too, The Truck Got Stuck!!

  2. Well from the scores you guys got it was well worth the trouble. It is much better than no rain and drought. Glad you can still laugh because crying doesn’t help.

  3. Dianne McCulloch

    “That nasty gumbo appeared in the corrals every year just to suck off my gumboots. Hence the name “gumbo” – “gumboot”… coincidence??? “

  4. Dianne McCulloch

    “How are you going to get home over that same road? Maybe you need to get some harness and have the horses pull you. There’s a great contingency plan! ;)”

  5. There was a bit of conversation happening at the Red Deer show with regards to the folks down in Cardston. Yes, but it was all worth it. Congrats to Clay and his pit crew!

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