Guy Weadick Days 2016



HIGH RIVER, AB – Saddle up and get ready to experience Guy Weadick Days like you have never before, taking place June, 24th- 26th, at the High River Agricultural Society Grounds. The High River Ag. Society, together with C5 Rodeo Company, will bring forward a professional rodeo, World Professional Chuckwagon action and a variety of family friendly activities.

“C5 Rodeo Company is excited to bring professional rodeo back to High River” said Gillian Shields, rodeo coordinator at C5 Rodeo. “We intend to provide an authentic and captivating rodeo production to keep spectators on the edge of their seat, while bringing opportunity for the community to prosper and come together in celebrating High River’s roots.”




The High River Agricultural society is also looking forward to professional rodeo returning with a whole new approach. “This is a new direction for the High River AG Society, I believe that the weekend will be a true family event. The board is excited about the production that C5 Rodeo Company will bring for the weekend” said Darren Hunter, President of the High River Agricultural Society.

About Guy Weadick Days

Guy Weadick days is an annual celebration in High River, Alberta named after the famous rodeo legend Guy Weadick, who was a resident of High River. Guy Weadick was the founder of the Calgary Stampede, and contributed to many traditions in the sport of rodeo we see today. This year the event will take place June 23 – June 26, 2016, with 3 Canadian Professional Rodeo performances and 4 World Professional Chuckwagon heats. Guy Weadick Days is owned and operated by the High River Agricultural Society. The not-for-profit organization was registered March 1st 1907. It has been an active and integral part of the agricultural community ever since.

Guy Weadick Days Concerts

Friday 9 pm – High River’s own Justin Ament.

Saturday 9 pm Emerson Drive

Pro Rodeo and WPCA Chuckwagons Schedule

Thursday: Chucks 7pm to 9 pm Friday: Rodeo 5pm-6:30 pm/Chucks 7pm-9pm Saturday: Rodeo Slack 9am-11am/Rodeo 2pm-4pm/Chucks 7pm-9pm Sunday: Rodeo noon-2pm/Chucks 4pm-6pm

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