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We stumbled upon something two years ago at the National Reined Cow Horse Association Celebration of Champions in Texas that is guaranteed to become a Webster family tradition. Two years ago in San Angelo, Texas, we observed a medley of tiny corrals, trucks, loading chutes, cake bins and animals in one corner of the main show arena – And the area was swarmed with kids!

I mean, how could it not be swarmed with kids??

This little area packed with toys from the The Happy Toy Maker was a brilliant addition to the ambiance of the show and gave little ones a place to escape the main event. We were in awe!

Toys hand-crafted by The Happy Toy Maker are real-life replicas of the arena systems, barns and hauling rigs we often see in our daily lives. And they may single-handedly express the western way of life better than any other plaything around. My husband and I couldn\’t believe our good fortune when we discovered them!


Almost as soon as we arrived home from the show, we gave The Happy Toy Maker a call and placed an order for each of our twins: one cattle hauler and one box stall for each of them. We knew they would make phenomenal Christmas presents and we wanted something they could play with in the arena. As sturdy and as well-built as these hand-made creations are, we knew they could be handle rough play and would likely last the test of time – therefore, they would be handed down from generation to generation.


Creations from The Happy Toy Maker come with a ton of details. The box stalls include swing-out feeders, bucket bins, sliding doors and swing-out top doors for play horses to stick their heads through:


Many of the toys created by The Happy Toy Maker can be custom-designed to suit a child\’s individual personality. We had our semi-trucks branded with our horse brand and painted to reflect our twins\’ preferences:


Custom slogans, images, first and last names can be also be designed onto the semi trucks, arenas, gates or various other items.


Jerry Sims, is the man of talent behind the company and better known as “The Happy Toy Maker.” Sims’ handmade trucks, trailers, rodeo arenas, feedlots, chutes, corrals and barn set-ups are as unique as they are comparable to the real thing. Constructed by hand to reflect a child’s heritage and interests, Sims’ toys are durable and designed to last a lifetime – or more. Which is why they also caught the attention and were featured recently on Chris Cox Horsemanship television on RFD TV.


Like I said – A perfect way to keep a child occupied in an arena corner and guaranteed to last through generations of rough play!

It\’s almost easy to confuse the picture below with the real thing:


With this wonderful heat we\’ve been experiencing in Canada, it\’s hard to think about Christmas. But if you want a one-of-a kind festive present for that special child in your life, now is the time to give The Happy Toy Maker a call. He books up quickly in the coming months so don\’t leave your order to the last minute! Toys from The Happy Toy Maker are guaranteed to be forever treasures.




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  1. My son loves these kinds of pans and pots and has a great time playing with all of them.i’m also discovering that my VERY VERY choosy oldest daughter is really seeking new things to
    eat because he is indeed fascinated by the
    action of baking.

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