He's Home!


Last weekend was an eventful one for the Webster crew. Clay made an impromptu trip out to Toronto, ON, to take in the Ultimate Fighting Championship 129, featuring George St. Pierre and Jake Shields. My best friend, Jaime got married in Las Vegas. Another foal was born. And meanwhile, back in Regina, I am extremely happy to report that after 44 tumultuous days in the Regina General NICU, our son was finally discharged and came home!


I realize I am posting this information a tad bit late, but let me tell you – caring for two babies has kept me running this past week! Since they were born slightly premature, the twins have an intense feeding schedule. Sleep comes at a premium and my priorities are solely based around their comfort and care. Just when I think all the bottle sterilizing is done, all the diapers needing changing are changed and their laundry is under control, somebody loses their soother and I'm back on my feet, running again. Not that I'm complaining, mind you!

I am totally in love with our babies.

Every sound they make. Every little facial expression. Even every little crying session they have. It blows me away because I never realized that I could love something (or 2 somethings) this much.

But I'm sure this is something all you moms out there already know about. I'm just happy that I'll get to experience my very first Mother's Day with you this coming weekend.

Anyways, I better run. The baby monitor is sounding off adorable little squeaks again.

Happy Friday everyone!



5 thoughts on “He's Home!”

  1. yipee!!! We are all so happy that your family is together under the same roof.

  2. Auntie Sherry and Uncle B

    Hey Jenn!! Another lovely post. Sounds like all is going well. Remember to eat! Love you,

    Sherry and Brian

  3. Great to hear! Bet you never imagined being soooo busy! Happy (first) Mothers’ Day for Sunday!

  4. Aww – that’s great! I’ll bet things have been hopping at your house – figured that’s why we hadn’t heard from you. We are so glad to hear your family is together again. Happy Mother’s Day, hon! Take care of yourself – don’t get extended too far and try to do too much. Love ya bunches! We’ll let Great-Grandparents P&N and B know too.

  5. Happy Mothers Day Jenn!! So Happy everything is going well for the Webster clan!

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