Hot Pink Snow Angels


It\’s a balmy -17 degrees Celsius here in Regina, SK, today. For all my American friends, that\’s 0 degrees Fahrenheit. So it\’s actually warmer than it has been in a few days, however the snow just won\’t let up! I\’m sure we\’ve got almost 3 feet of it now, with the accumulation over the last few days. At the beginning of today, we all thought the beautiful snowflakes coming down were still pretty cool. Even the dogs were out for a good run. But part way through – when we realized it wasn\’t gonna quit anytime soon – the snow wasn\’t such a novelty anymore.


The dogs disappeared, returning to their warm beds in the heated shop.

The barn horses stood at their paddock gates with looks that read, \”Please take me in now!\”

And Clay had to spend a good part of today moving snow. Unfortunately, since his return from Oklahoma (which meant a 30-degree difference in climate for him), he has been battling the flu ever since.


So now, I am incredibly thankful for the heated tractor cab he talked me into earlier this year.

\”Why would we ever need that…?\” I questioned.


Well, it turns out, it comes in pretty handy when your husband has to spend 4 hours outside moving white stuff around…

The snow had become so piled up around gates that we could barely get horses in and out anymore.


And some pasture drifts are dangerously close to swallowing up entire fencelines. Which means that soon we are also going to have to snow blow the pastures – to prevent horses from walking over top of the fences and out into the open.


This kind of weather also makes me thankful for hot chocolate, insulated gloves and Puffs plus Vicks Vapor rub kleenex.

A word to the wise: Vicks Kleenex are wonderful for noses in the winter, but don\’t use them to dry any tears in your eyes!!


Work on the hay shed continued today…


And Clay keeps wondering if the hot pink blankets are multiplying these days, or if his cold medication is just really potent…




What can I say…? They\’re good winter blankets.

At least I\’m not putting them on his stallions!!


5 thoughts on “Hot Pink Snow Angels”

  1. Dianne McCulloch

    No danger of losing those mares in a snowstorm! You can probably see them from space!

  2. Jenn,
    I LOVE those hot pink blankets!!! Where did you get them? I gotta get one for my boy….. 🙂


  3. Hi Jenn – Loved this article! And I love those blankets! The photos are so wonderful – the ones with the dogs running along the bank of trees – just precious!!

  4. Jenn Webster

    Hi ladies, thanks for your kind comments! The blankets are made by Ozark ( and they’re the “Cowgirl Fever” model. I just get ours from Cowtown in Regina, SK.

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