How To Waterproof a Blanket


By Jenn Webster

With what seems like winter\’s relentless grip on us this year, there\’s been an increased need for good, waterproofs blankets in my barn. I was tired of constantly buying new blankets to compensate for the rips our horses have incurred, or the new young stock coming for training. So in an effort to try and keep things economical, I dug through our tack room and found a pile of old blankets I had forgotten about.

Oh happy day!

In this pile was even Ol\’ Green Faithful – a blanket I\’ve had since my teenage days. This green beast has figuratively been thrown \”to the wolves,\” since it was the blanket belonging to my first Thoroughbred, Charlie. It\’s been chewed on, caught on barbed-wire fences and accidentally lost out of the back of a truck a few times. It\’s a warrior. Still, you can see from its numerous patches that I\’ve taken the time over the years to care for it, wash it and have it stitched and repaired when necessary. Pulling it out of the tack room the other day, I had full confidence that my green blanket could still provide an equine with the necessary comfort and warmth an animal may need, despite the rug\’s age.

The only thing that worried me was the blanket\’s waterproof qualities at this point – or lack thereof.

That\’s when I discovered Dry Guy from Strathcona Ventures, an eco-friendly waterproofing product. Since it was water-based, did not use harsh chemicals that could be harmful to my animals and claimed to dry odor free, I really had nothing to lose. Plus the cost of one bottle of Dry Guy at $15.97 was easily justifiable. So I decided to put Dry Guy to the test with Ol\’ Green Faithful. Here\’s how easy the process of waterproofing my blanket was:



After being in the tack room for so long, Ol\’ Green Faithful was a little dirty. And slightly covered in cat hair. I laid the blanket out on a table outside and brushed it clean with a study, bristle brush. The directions of Dry Guy instruct a person to apply it in a well-ventilated area and this day was beautiful, so it was nice to be outside. I shook the bottle and sprayed my entire blanket, taking care to really get at all the seams of the patches. There was no yellowing of the blanket\’s original color and it was easy to apply.


If droplets of Dry Guy accumulate in any area of the blankets, the instructions advise you to rub them in with a soft cloth. Then as soon as the entire blanket was sprayed, I hung it in the sun to dry. A 473 ml/16 fl oz. bottle covers 50-60 square feet.


Once the blanket was completely dry, I was extremely pleased with the results. My blanket didn\’t \”stiffen\” with the application of Dry Guy and it made Ol\’ Green Faithful both waterproof and dirt repellent! An extra bonus is that Dry Guy comes ready to use and helps blankets resist the growth of mold. I was so impressed with this product and considering Western Horse Review is celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, I figured our readers should all get a chance to win some! There are two ways to win – here\’s how:

1. Comment below this blog with regard to why you could use some Dry Guy Waterproofing Spray from Strathcona Ventures & Western Horse Review.


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4 thoughts on “How To Waterproof a Blanket”

  1. I have some very similar looking blankets! Almost more patches than original fabric, but I hate to throw them away! New waterproofing would be the perfect solution!

  2. Ildiko Miller

    I’d love to get my hands on his product to waterproof an old Shedrow winter blanket that I washed and hand repaired for my new appaloosa that is being delivered tomorrow!

  3. I live in the Pacific Northwest..cold and wet & unfortunately blanketing is a necessity. I definitely agree there can be a tendency to judge our horses needs based on our ownI do my best to avoid over-heating my horseluckily he has a minimal winter coat so tends not to get too sweaty & no need to clip! As far a blanket brands go, it does depend on individual fit. I have found the Horseware Ireland blankets..Amigo, Rambo etcwork well in this climate since you can purchase liners with varying weights of fill that velcro into the rain sheets and the liners are easier to wash than heavy winter blankets. Thanks for another great video!

  4. I would love to try this to give my blankets new life!! My blanket on my senior horse really needs this!! Thanks for always presenting us with new products so we find out what is out there!!!

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