Howard Smith Memorial Roping


On Friday, August 20, 2010 team ropers from across central Alberta travelled to the Howard Smith Memorial Arena in Eagle Valley west of Sundre to raise money for ALS and participate in a fun & energetic evening of team roping followed by a BBQ supper.

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Overall 95 teams entered this years event raising an outstanding amount of $3840 for the ALS Society with winners of this years team roping donating their prize money back to the cause. According to the ALS Society of Alberta\’s website ALS also known as Lou Gehrig\’s Disease is a rapidly degenerative, always fatal neuromuscular disease. It attacks the nerves that the body would normally use to send messages from the brain to the muscle, resulting in weakness and wasting. Eventually, the individual with ALS is left completely immobilized, with loss of speech and eventually an inability to swallow and breath. Approximately 3,000 Canadians live with ALS and two to three Canadians die each day from the fatal disease. The family of Howard Smith has organized the event each year since Howard lost his 11 year battle with the disease to raise money and increase awareness for ALS. Jane Riveft, of the ALS Society was able to attend the event for the fourth year in a row. \”This is the biggest turn out ever,\” she said,\”Thank you for your generosity. The money raised from this event will go directly to help patients in Central Alberta currently battling ALS. I am so happy to see everyone here.\”
\”Thank you everyone for coming out,\” said Rosalie Smith, wife of Howard. \”We are just so grateful for everyone\’s support and participation in the team roping each year.\”
This years Howard Smith Memorial Team Roping winners were:

1st Place Darcy Erion & Guy Kelley
2nd Place Greg Smith & Darcy Erion
3rd Place Colin Terigan & Colin Gorr
4th Place Colin Terigan & Luke Smith
5th Place Bridget Walker & Garth Dorin
6th Place Greg Smith & Daniel Gratton

The Fast Time was won by Guy Kelley & Roy Gardner

~ Submitted by Heidi Overguard


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