It\’s a Boy!


This itsy bitsy sorrel beauty arrived at our log house, as these precious packages tend to do, early in the morning. Last Tuesday to be precise. Exactly two days after we had Teenager\’s volleyball teammates out from the city for a Sunday picnic, and for which we had, quite politely I thought, asked mommy mare to kindly have baby present for.

Of course she didn\’t listen. Do they ever?

Well, never mind that. Don\’t think for a second we\’re not grateful for a healthy foal, no matter the arrival time. The first few hours were tense as I wasn\’t certain baby was receiving the much needed colostrum. Call me paranoid but she didn\’t exactly seem to be, well, greedy enough. Of course, I have a lot of experience in this, having been around for the initial hours of so many foals prior to this baby.

One, to be precise.

It\’s true, I may have been stressing about nothing, but that\’s the way of mothers. It\’s how our world goes round. We stress, we consult, we go for a walk, we\’re happy. Until the next time. To alleviate my worrisome mind, I checked back at Jenn\’s post at My Stable Life about that very same subject – foals and colostrum – and found it extremely helpful. Particularly in formulating a back-up plan if the situation really did go south.

Which it didn\’t.


Baby makes seven at the log house. Our own horses, that is. We also periodically look after two or three others. But for myself, and my daughters – Teenager and Wee – we number one Paint Horse gelding, two Quarter Horse geldings, one Quarter Horse mare, new baby, and two ponies of unknown heritage – though Teenager and I have strong reason to believe one may have escaped from a Russian circus.

That\’s all I can say about that.

But I have so much more to tell you about all of these horse/human equations in the following months. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “It\’s a Boy!”

  1. Laurie Kambeitz

    Your mare is in beautiful condition and the baby is way too cute as these little ones tend to be…Congratulations to all at the log house!!

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