It\’s All In The Planning


It seems when it comes to horses, things never go according to plan. In this case, our plan was to head to Oklahoma on Saturday, November 19th. However, Mother Nature decided she did not want to co-operate and had a plan of her own. According to the forecast, a storm was scheduled to move through Montana and parts of Wyoming – Friday and into Saturday. Thus our plan was nixed and a new one drawn up. We\’re leaving in the morning!


It also snowed at the ranch.


My “To Do List” would now have to be crammed into an evening and hopefully I would have part of a morning to complete it.


For starters, I decided it would be a great idea to offer all of Jesse’s client’s vests and jackets with the Beckley Reining logo embroidered on them. That ended up being 21 pieces of clothing…12 of which needed to be done before leaving for Oklahoma which meant I would spend countless hours the night before leaving to finish – a project that should have been planned out and finished weeks ago.

My list included laundry which I was so happy to have all done a week prior to leaving…but it still needed to be packed – and I had to pack not only mine, but my lovely husband’s too.


The trailer needed cleaned and packed. Fortunately Jesse’s lovely assistant, Annette Jessiman, swamped out the back of the trailer and re-packed everything. That just left me to clean the living quarters and pack the remaining items.

Once again planning on our part could have saved me some work. Had we (and when I say we, I mean me) cleaned the living quarters after the last show it may have been a much more pleasant experience. Trying to swamp out a dirty trailer in the middle of November is a bit cold to say the least – I wouldn’t recommend it! As I was spraying down the counters and sinks with disinfecting cleaning spray, with gloves I might add, it was freezing to the countertop.

On my list was picking up groceries with Jesse and Jeff’s wish list items for goodies to help aid in the painfully long 32 hour drive.

Bake some of the goodies that were put on the Beckley wish list.

Pack the cooler with the goodies.

Wash and gas up the truck.

Clean my house.

Clip the horses.

Should I go on…

Of course I had to pack shoes…


A girl needs her shoes!


And you can\’t forget the accessories 😉



On the good side, we should hopefully miss the storm. We have our route mapped out, which of course could change at any time, and we should arrive just in time to unload and catch the Senior Reining Finals at the World Show. I’ve always wanted to go to the Worlds and now the opportunity has presented itself. See ya’all down there!




3 thoughts on “It\’s All In The Planning”

  1. Leanne (Mom)

    I am enjoying reading your blog and keeping track on your preparation for the long haul. Keep writing girl! Safe driving.

  2. Marla Burke

    Great to read your blog – nice to see the inside story on what happens to prepare and get to the big show – looking forward to your updates and Good Luck to Jesse and Jeff – will be watching I hope on Webcast –

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