Jazz Hands

\"\"I found this via Facebook this past weekend. \”Jazz Hands\” just kills me!!

Ever since I came across it, I’ve been trying to figure out how I could photoshop what these positions would look like if two babies involved…. Then of course, like many of my other fleeting thoughts – I really had to weigh whether or not I actually had the time to do so.

Life in our house has been interesting these days. Clay and I have been attempting to “sleep train” our babies. It’s hard. I hate it. And consequently, I’m grumpy and sleep deprived.

I thought sleep training was intended to help the parents get more sleep…???

What makes sleep training very difficult is having two babies share the same room. And of course, my horse trainer husband is very psychology-oriented. It\’s easy for him to see the path for getting things like sleep training accomplished.

Mommy, on the other hand, has a much harder time with it all…

But a happy side effect of all the commotion around here are all the comical episodes that are occurring. Some of things happen because of the sheer exhaustion, while others transpire just because we are parents.

Episodes like:
• Finding my husband rambling on in a chorus of “yayayayayayayayayayayayayayas….”

• Singing “I’m bringing Home my Baby Bumble Bee” in the shower… because the stupid song won’t get out of my head.

• Dancing like penguins to entertain a couple of 10-month-olds. And having the neighbors walk in unexpectedly.

• Coming up with our own nursery rhymes: “My burpin’ king, my burpin’ queen, together they’re the burping team…” is Clay’s pride an’ joy.

And then of course was the recent argument Clay and I were having… In an attempt to be the bigger person, I intervened with a mature solution for mediation. The following is a direct quote – \”Clay, I think we need to diffuse this situation. And I\’d like to do that by telling you you\’re wrong…\”


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  1. Christy Poirier

    Hi Jenn, I met you not too long ago at your indoor areana. I had a palomino gelding that Christa Vindum brought to Clay to do a pre-purchase exam. Christa did end up buying him and I am so glad he has a wonderful home with her and Steve.
    I don’t know if you remember, but I am a twin mom also. Our twins are almost eight months old, a boy and a girl as well!! Its pretty awesome to have one of each!!!
    I really enjoy your blog….I can so relate!! People with one baby just can’t understand what it takes to have two. I often tell people, its not all the work of changing diapers and feedings, etc… its the emotional part of having two babies crying, or finally getting one down for a nap and by the time you get the second one down, the first one wakes up! Its the most frustrating and hardest thing I’ve ever done, yet its also the most amazing and rewarding thing I’ve ever done….so many emotions. I think I may need to see a shrink regularly by the time they are two! The one thing I know for sure is I couldn’t do it without my husband! He is absolutely amazing with the twins and although he works long days, he is always happy to give me a break when he gets home. Sounds like Clay is a great partner as well…aren’t we lucky! Some days are REALLY hard and I have to try to remember how lucky we are as well.
    So keep those blogs coming, its so nice to see someone else put a sense of humour into twin mom life! Maybe you can answer the question that every twin parent asks….does it ever get better? Its seems everyone has a different answer…but when both mine are down for the night and sleep till 7am, I say…it can’t get much better than that!!
    Christy Poirier

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