Jeremiah Watt's Canadian Saddle


The Jeremiah Watt saddle pictured in Western Horse Review May issue's Hooked on Horses is referred to as The Canadian as it was made by Watt for a long time family friend who lives in Manitoba.  This is a Wade saddle built on a Jeremiah Watt signature hand-made saddle tree, crafted on his ranch in Central California.The request was for a Wade saddle to fit heavy framed Quarter Horses, and crafted so a lady could get her hand onto a Wade type horn.


The saddle has a mix of 4X flowers up between basket stamping, a fine weave border, and a medium oil finish.


High karat gold monograms were added to the cantle concho because of the great basin style the lady liked so much. The Tame Rose carving done on The Canadian required Watt to make a few specialty carving tools to get the sharp ridges and edges onto each rose petal.

Writer Elise Dale from Saskatchewan interviewed renowned saddlemaker, bit maker, photographer and artisian Jeremiah Watt and found him gracious and highly knowledgeable.

\”I valued the opportunity I had to speak to this pragmatic man. I received some fantastic information; and with his gracious nature he thanked me for the time we spent on a number of subjects,” said Dale.

She also called up her favorite quote of Watt's: “Books can paint the picture with words and poems set a stage with prose, but when reality, personal experience and appreciation become one, there are no words that can aptly describe the sunset that you have ridden home in, no prose can better describe the size of the Montana sky than the one you have ridden under.”

See more of Watt's work on his website at and pick up the May issue on stands now, and enjoy Elise's interview with Watt.

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