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This is how this time last year looked at the log house. This view of Blue with his head stuck out of a shelter was a similar sight for days.


The view today is quite dissimilar, and I can\’t even bore you with a photo, it being just too uninteresting, wherein lies the downfall of good weather in this land. A winter landscape without the snow, the hoar frost, the pure white of it all can be dreary and lifeless. Loving the mildness, not so much the brown.

On the subject of unusual weather, Nasa scientists recently declared 2011 as the ninth warmest since 1880. In fact, nine of the warmest 10 years in modern times have occurred since the year 2000. This film really clarifies it.

The documentary Buck may not have made the short list of the Oscars, but remains the popular favourite of so many horse people. I caught this interview with Buck a few nights ago, which you might also find interesting. If you are a follower or fan, don\’t miss our feature with Buck Brannaman, coming up in the March issue of Western Horse Review. 

This story, which dominated equine media this week, was both disturbing and oh so sad.


Along came Rosie, at the ready to aid the restoration of my shaky faith in humanity. Rosie made National Geographic\’s Woof of the Week list and how could she not with those eyes. Rosie was rescued when she was nine weeks old and now lives happily in Long Beach, California with her caring owners. Every so often, my soul craves Woof of the Week and this was such a week.

At the magazine we\’re closing sales on the March issue, and just beginning to lay out the issue. We have several features I\’m thrilled about, and I hope to preview them for you over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, because it\’s Friday, and gorgeous out, we\’re giving away our very last On The Trail daytimer.


If you weren\’t one of the fortunate ones to receive one of these beauties for Christmas, you still have a chance to provide a home for the very last one we have in the office.

Just let us know in the comment section below, what your weekend plans include. We\’ll draw randomly from the responses and divulge the winner next week. Good luck everyone!


4 thoughts on “Likes of the Week”

  1. Watching cows, waiting for them to calve,feeding the twins who were born last night and trying to keep my husband who just had hip replacement surgery from doing too much!:)

  2. Pamela Sabo

    Probably working at the office tomorrow, but maybe,if I’m lucky, working on my saddle on Sunday 🙂

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