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It\’s been a bit distracting around here lately. Really, for the past two months. All in a good way. For one thing, spring arrived in the usual yard work and seasonal cleaning sort of way. More on that later.

The girl\’s 4H club is in full swing. In addition to their regular activities one of the highlights of their month was a clinic with Keith Stewart at the Bullpen Arena, just east of Airdrie.

\"\"Keith and his wife, Denice operate The Key Ranch, southwest of High River, along with their two daughters, where they work at their craft and style of horsemanship which is Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman inspired.

\"\"It was a great opportunity for our 4H\’ers to get to spend a day with Keith, who took such careful and thoughtful time with each of them – working on groundwork in the morning, and then in the saddle for the afternoon. We all sure did appreciate Keith’s time.

At the Western Horse Review office, the past two months have been a blur of two back-to-back issues – March and April, plus the Canadian Supreme Register. This year\’s Register was our largest since 2009, making us pretty darn happy, but insanely busy with it all.

\"\"Thanks to all of the stallion owners who support the Register. The Canadian Supreme nomination program is a brilliant way to showcase the Canadian performance horse industry and set yourself up for the prestige of earning a Canadian Supreme championship buckle. Mare owners, be sure to get yourself a copy. Not only was it packaged with the April issue, but we distributed many to arenas and events all over western Canada, and we\’ll have them at the Western Horse Review booth at this weekend\’s Mane Event in Red Deer. If you happen to be a clinic participant at the show, you\’ll receive one in your swag bag.

\"\"We also completed two special projects in collaboration with the Horse Industry Association of Alberta: Horses 101 – the third edition of which rolled off the press about a week ago, as well as a new brochure, focusing on basic care considerations for horses. Both publications are handy guides and will be available at this upcoming weekend\’s Mane Event in Red Deer, Alberta at the HIAA\’s booth. Please drop by and visit with the Robyn, Heather and crew and pick up your copies.

Speaking of which, we have two tickets to give away to the event! Simply let us know in the comment section below, what you\’re looking forward to at this year\’s event. We\’ll do a draw Thursday at 6:00 a.m. and post the results on Screen Doors & Saddles.

Finally, remember you have until April 30 to win this saddle pad. Buddy the cat included. Enter here.



22 thoughts on “Mane Event Ticket Giveaway”

  1. Trisha Adams

    Hi there saw your contest for The Mane Event tickets and thought MUST ENTER!!

    There are so many reasons to go to The Mane Event it is hard to pick just one. My first trip to this horse lovers event was last year and I was in amazement. I had no idea really and have lived in Alberta all my life. I always thought it was something to do specifically with working cow/reining and my main disciplines are barrel racing and trail riding so never attended. This year I am looking forward to watching the barrel clinic and extreme trail clinics (go figure) as well as the trainer’s challenge is also a favorite. But it is not just the learning that inspires me to attend The Mane Event the exhibitors play a LARGE roll. I like the Trade Show for the fact that it gives the opportunity to view and handle products on the market for your horses and compare to what others are selling and then buy it there (what a concept!!). It is a one stop shop for every discipline. It also allows me to talk to a variety of people to see how I can help my relationship with my equine family. It is a very eagerly anticipated and long awaited event and I can’t till the weekend.

    Whether I win tickets or not I will be going (BIG SMILE)

    Thank you Western Horse Review for all that you do,

    Trisha Adams

  2. Adelle Stewart

    I am going to the Mane Event for a number of reasons!
    1. To buy my 3 year old filly her first vey own headstall
    2. To watch Chad Crider the barrel trainer
    3. To speak to vaccination company rep’s
    4. To have a great fun filled girls weekend road trip!

  3. Samantha Bailey

    I am so excited for the Mane Event this weekend! The last time I went was 5 years ago, and I have been dreaming of going back since! I am looking forward to seeing some of the demos and clinics, as well as learning from booths, as well as the shopping!!

  4. Janice Gagnon

    HI, We are headed for Red Deer to do the Mane Event this weekend because it is great to see all the new products and vendors in one convenient place! We take the whole day to check everything out and visit because you always run in to people you haven’t seen in a while. Shop, watch the clinics, will be a busy spot! It will be THE place to be this weekend. Thanks for the chance to win tickets!!

  5. Terri Gergely


    I’m coming up to find some 5.25 – 5.5″ bits, maybe a new hunt jacket and more hay bags. Its so great to have so many vendors (and fellow horse addicts) in one place. Getting to go for free would be AWESOME!

    so…. pickme, pickme, pickme,pickme, pickme, pickme,pickme, pickme, pickme,


    ; D

  6. Leanne Godwin

    Wow! Free Tickets to Mane event… that would just top the whole weekend off. This is my first year attending the Mane Event and I am going with a couple GF’s.
    There is so much for me to attend my head is spinning but my notebook and pen are ready to roll!
    I am looking forward to the Gaited Clinician Elizabeth Graves, as well as the Barrel, reining, dresssaage clinicians too. I will take in as much as I can to become a better horse woman. I have a TWH and MFT so I am going to benifit greatly from Elizabeth Graves. The nutrition aspect will be fantastic as I have a passion for Equine Nutrition. The last thing I need to mention is I have had a shopping list going since Agribition last year and I am ready to rock!! WHHOP! Here is a fantastic weekend at the Mane Event.

  7. Dallas McNalty

    I am very excited to go Mane Event this year to see the Barrel Trainer, SHOP, and to have some fun with the girls. Plus I know it will be a fantastic catch up session with all the horsey people fro all over the province!

  8. Stacey Schaber

    So excited for the Mane Event!!! Even better that its my bday on the 27th as well. Cant think of better bday then spending it with my horsey friends at the Mane Event!

  9. Kaycee Hecht

    Looking forward to the shopping!!! And western pleasure clinic:) And always seeing the horsey family at the mane event every year!!

  10. This will be my first mane event! Can’t wait to check out the shopping that the trainers challenge. Must find a SF Roundbale net and could use a new blanket for my future cowboy’s mini.

  11. Mark Grasley

    Looking forward to spending some time with my family at the Mane Event learning about horse training and handling techniques!

  12. Pamela Sabo

    Free tickets !! A perfect excuse to HAVE to attend 🙂 What would I like to see – EVERYTHING!

  13. This will be my fourth or fifth Mane Event in Red Deer, and I don’t think there’s anything I’m *not* looking forward to! My schedule is highlighted and ready to go, and I’m counting down the hours to when I get to hit the road on Thursday. The demos and clinicians are always excellent, but I’m particularly looking forward to hearing the lectures from Dr. Peters and Marijke van de Water. Can’t wait!

  14. I am SO looking forward to the Mane Event! I’m planning to see several clinicians, shop for a saddle & check out barn designs.

  15. Years have gone by and I still haven’t been to the Mane Event.. everyone around me has gone and tells me its a must see in the horse world… I guess I’ve just been in a hands on horse world plus work and can’t seem to Leave the Farm… This would be a great opportunity to win tickets to something that is so my world !

  16. I love going and seeing all the different disciplines and perspectives. Broadens our minds to what else is out there. Oh, and the Shopping, lol!

  17. I am really excited to attend the main event this year. I have never been able to make it and this year it is a priority! I can not wait to watch the clinics and check out what the vendors have to offer. I also imagine that the atmosphere there is so fun and positive and i am looking forward to being surrounded by so many people that enjoy the same thing… Horses!!!!! I know this will be a great weekend and a free attendance would top it off whip cream and a cherry! 🙂

  18. Toby Lukiwski

    I wish, I wish! I could use a holiday… (who doesn’t), I also need a new saddle sounds like this might be a great venue to find one.

  19. Theresa Sealy

    Just have to go to the Mane Event this weekend! I am involved in Eduacational programs with horses and just MUST keep up with the times! Besides that, I have to get in on the great deals that the vendors always have at the Mane Event!

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