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We\’re excited to hit one of our favorite events of the year – the Mane Event this weekend in Chilliwack, British Columbia. It\’s all about fantastic clinicians, the highly anticipated Trainer\’s Challenge, and of course, an abundant trade show area.

Come and join us, drop by our booth, we\’ll have a great subscription offers and some fantastic giveaways.

Just to show you how serious we are about seeing you there, we\’re giving away two tickets to the event. Just tell us what you\’re looking forward to most at the show in the comment section below. We\’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow evening at 6:00 so be sure to check back!


9 thoughts on “Mane Event Ticket Giveaway”

  1. Darren Bishop

    Looking forward to the Trainers Challenge as well as reining/horsemanship clinics. This will be the first Mane Event I’ve been able to get to.

  2. I’ve never been to the mane event before and would love the chance to be there. The part I would most look forward to is the horsemanship clinics and trick training. I would love the chance to watch and learn from them and be able to take that knowledge home with me and work on things to improve with my horse.

  3. Emily hagerman

    There are so many different clinics to watch but I really want to see Doug mills and the rescue horse demo. Still trying to figure out how to watch everything at once! Then of course there’s all that SHOPPING!

  4. Andrea Williams

    The things I like about the mane event have to be the trainers challenge (of course! ) and the shopping!!!!!!

  5. I can’t seem to pick just one favourite part of the Mane Event. I really enjoy the shopping (great deals!), semos, socializing and learning about new products now on the market. I look forward to this each and every year!

    PS – I won tickets last year but was not notified until the end of the weekend. I was never able to use them.

  6. What I like best about the Mane Event is just spending the day with a whole bunch of people who love what I love. Horses.

    Due to a life change, I have had to give up horse showing altogether. I miss competing and traveling to shows, but most of all, I miss all the people I’ve met over the years, some of whom have become very good friends. 🙂

  7. I love the trade booths! While I love the great shopping (and deals!) I actually most enjoy is having easy access to great products and services (like yours!) and meeting knowledgeable vendors who are full of helpful advice and how-to-ideas. The calibre of professional clinicians that Mane Event brings is so impressive and I always go home with more than my moneys worth of great new training ideas but I think the hidden jewels of the Event are actually the people behind booths! There is a wealth of information to be had if you just take the time to stop and chat!

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