Marketing Mondays: Facebook Changes

Lately, the news feed on my personal Facebook page has been all about the changes Facebook has instigated, most of which came into full effect last week. I thought I\’d share a few of the articles I\’ve received in my inbox over the past few weeks which might be helpful in understanding these changes, and, frankly, dealing with them.

Naturally, the big question is why. Facebook was working for millions of users. Why change it up? Don\’t they care about us, their customers? Long time blogger, Jon Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, explains while Facebook users are a necessity of the success of the social media venue, users aren\’t Facebook\’s customers – advertisers are. Advertisers want users to share more. The Facebook changes – from the new timeline to the custom verbs are all about getting us to tell more about ourselves, thereby revealing the market data Facebook advertisers live by.

Read the entire piece at What the Heck is Facebook Thinking?


The Facebook changes have also presented a new set of challenges for owners of business Facebook pages.

Jodi at MCP Actions explains that clearly in this post and details the fix for it at Fix Broken Facebook: Guide to Help Photography Businesses.

Here are links to a few other links I found useful over the weekend:

– The new Facebook Timeline was scheduled for release sometime last week, and I have viewed it on a few of my friend\’s pages. If you\’re eager to design yours, you can enable it by following these steps.

– Searching for a unique and outstanding cover photo. Check out these 5 sites for customizing your cover photo.

– And finally, here\’s 10 simple tips and tricks to get your timeline groove on.

We\’ll see what\’s changed between today and next Monday in the ever evolving world of Facebook.

Thanks for tuning in!


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