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We\’ve returned from another impressive edition of the Canadian Supreme, in time for the full onslaught of the changing of the seasons and another edition of Marketing Mondays. If you missed it here\’s a link to last week\’s discussion on Twitter. From there you can follow links back from to all of my Marketing Mondays posts, or simply choose Marketing Mondays in the tag cloud at the right.

This week, a discussion on the social media venue we all love, and simultaneously love to malign.

Many equine businesses are harnessing the power of Facebook in an effort to tap into the portion of it\’s 600+ billion users, particularly of course, those who own horses. A vibrant Facebook community of western riders North American-wide exists within which many engage for a constant source of entertainment, inspiration, and often, for myself, interesting leads to stories I might not be privy to in my regular circles.

For the purposes of this piece, we\’re going to assume you already know how to set up your own Facebook page, and have done so. If you haven\’t and need a primer, this article will get you up and running seamlessly.

It might appear to be putting the cart in front of the horse with this discussion of content in advance of a strategies for procuring fans or friends, but for the Western Horse Review brand, it was important to figure out content prior to large scale plans of securing a following.

Western Horse Review kicked off it\’s Facebook page back in November, 2009. Initially, we refrained from posting  a great amount of content, but gradually we\’ve found our way to managing a Facebook page which we hope keeps our readers empowered with the latest information in western riding, offers entertainment and asks for engagement along the way.

Here\’s some suggestions for content on your own brand\’s Facebook page.

1. Step out from your logo.

If you\’re only all about this week\’s 20% off sale at the store, you might find it a tough track to the top. You simply won\’t be human enough, and Facebook is all about sociability. Step out from behind your logo once in a while and show us your personal side. Share experiences of your life in the horse world, not just your brand.


2. Embrace giveaways and contests.

Facebook is an perfect venue for contests and giveaways. I do this often, particularly at the last minute and as a way to remind people about an upcoming event or show we\’re going to be attending.


3. Give someone a chuckle.

It\’s a beautiful thing when you can gift someone in the world with a chuckle.


4. Go for the \”aawwww\” moment.

We love these sorts of posts, and judging by the feedback, so do our viewers.


5. Throw the controversial out there.

On Facebook, each user is held accountable for his or her comments with the posting of a name beside the comment. It keeps it real and invites serious dialogue.


6. Remember our deep ties to pop culture.

Secretariat, John Wayne, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Rogers, these are all a part of our deep history and love affair with all things western.


7. Be interesting and real.

I snapped this photo late one afternoon, and paired it with an old cowboy saying to share the feeling of peace it left me with. There is everything right about sharing a moment like this. It has nothing to do with our brand, but then, it does. . .


8. Invite discussion.

Our audience always seems up for an early morning debate.


9. Ask questions.

We\’d like to know what products you\’re using in your barn, and daily horse life. So we ask. . .


10. Don\’t be anal about it all.

You need common sense, inquisitiveness, a bit of humor, and self-editing skills, not a structured business plan to be successful at Facebook posting. Naturally we examine our analytics a great deal, it\’s amazing what we can discover about our audience through the feedback we receive. Still, we try not to graph it too much, and instead, let it flow.

I hope these 10 ideas for posting have been helpful. See you next week.


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