Mills Partners with Pureform


British Columbia’s own world renown horse trainer Doug Mills, has recently partnered with PUREFORM Equine Health supplements.

After two months of feeding PUREFORM supplements and high quality protein hay to his clinic stallions, Mills was satisfied that he saw a difference in his horses.

“Both became more focused, settled and willing.” Mills states.

Since feeding PUREFORM’s Performance One to his horses, he comments that the horses seem “more settled” in their body language.

Mills has created the “Training Thru Trust” method and has become a well known award winning horseman. He has won multiple national and international Trainers Challenges and has successfully shown in the NRCHA and WCRA.

PUREFORM’s complete line of nutraceutical nutritional products are a product of SciencePure Nutraceuticals Inc. The company is proud to team with Mills to promote it’s line of full spectrum equine products, promoting optimum physical and neurological health.



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