Mini Horse World Championships


The American Miniature Horse Association World Championship Show is the premiere miniature event in the world. Nearly a thousand entries qualify and are in Ft. Worth, Texas right now competing for World Championships in many disciplines including halter, hunter, jumper, driving, obstacles and more.

This event provides owners, breeders, and trainers from around the world an opportunity to showcase the uniqueness and versatility of the miniature horse.

The equine live stream production company,, hosting the feed of this show is, in my opinion, one of the best I\’ve seen in the business with a very clean and high quality feed. The viewing platform or screen is graphically pleasing, professionally laid-out, featuring relevant advertising and high quality video advertising between classes. Another really neat aspect of the platform is the social networking forum which allows viewers to not only read who is online watching the feed (you must register with your name and e-mail address to view the feed), but allows discussions which are posted in real-time on the screen. Nifty!

Check it out through the link above and enjoy some great miniature horse action at the World Championship Show.


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