Morris, Manitoba Rocks


The Manitoba Stampede & Exhibition has been a tradition in the town of Morris for nearly 50 years now, and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down.

If anything, the four-day event is getting better every year.

“We try to do a bunch of improvements every year, as our money allows us,” nods rodeo co-chairman George Manchulenko. “There’s less work for the committee members because there’s just a bit of maintenance, and not so much tearing down and trying to fix the old stuff.”

For the most recent installment of the Manitoba Stampede, the 47th annual, “We bought a new timed event chute to replace the old one. Slowly we’re replacing the penning in the back for the rodeo stock, taking away the old wooden fencing and putting up a new steel penning. And we did a bit of graveling this year to get the roads in better condition and grading them,” Manchulenko details.

It’s no wonder that the 2009 Golden Rake Award is being presented to the committee in Morris this week. As voted by the ladies barrel racers, the Golden Rake is awarded to the rodeo with the most improved ground, and Manchulenko couldn’t be more pleased.

“That’s such good news,” he bubbled.

As Manitoba’s only professional rodeo, the high number of contestants that journey eastward each season is also a testament to the production put on by Manchulenko and company.

Manchulenko credits some good old-fashioned Manitoba hospitality.

“They say we treat them very well and that’s why they keep making the trek way out here,” he smiles. “And if the weather is nice and the people come out, we’re happy!”

The Manitoba Stampede runs from July 22 to 25.

The 78th annual Moose Mountain Pro Rodeo in Kennedy, Sask. also runs until July 25, but kicks off on July 24.

Please visit for results and standings.

~ Courtesy of the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.


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