New Waterers


With the beautiful winter weather we\’ve been having here in Alberta, it\’s afforded Clay and I the opportunity to have some new auto-waterers installed on our property. Things have gotten so busy here that it was time to create some new paddocks and pasture areas – which require fresh flowing water.

\"\"We had Jock Wilson of Jock Wilson contracting come in to trench the new water lines.


Of course, there\’s always got to be a billy goat…

\"\"And then the billy goat will bring his friends over…

\"\"That\’s okay. Jock had it all under control and since he specializes in livestock waterers, he was used to pesky critters.

\"\"Jock trenched two spots for us and prepared the areas for some Ritchie waterers.

\"\"It creates a bit of a mess at the time, but Jock then went back over the trench line and smoothed it out nicely. Cement pads were later brought in to lay at the waterer site.

\"\"And when Jock was all done, you could barely tell he had ever been there. In the end, the horses were pretty happy with their new watering holes.

\"\"But the best part for us was – instead of giving out ballcaps to his clients, Jock gives out pencil prints of a drawing his wife, Brenda Campbell, did. This one is appropriately entitled \”The Watering Hole.\” Brenda pursued her dream of art and graduated from the Alberta College of Art in 1982. Brenda\’s heart has always been in the country, which is where she draws her inspiration for her art from. She and Jock make their home in Kathyrn, AB.

\"\"So far I\’m happy to report our new waterers are working well!!



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  1. Jock has helped me out with a couple of waterer issues, he is a down to earth, solutions guy. Brenda is incredibly talented; if you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of Irricana, take a drive through the town, you will see her artistic work in the many murals on the walls of town buildings. Rumor has it each mural hides a small mouse painted in it somewhere – great fun for kids to hunt for it!

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