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The win/loss ratio rating system continues to do a great job of flagging the most and least successful contestants throughout the year. It does it without prejudice or favoritism and because of that it is as fair as it gets. Dollars won vs. dollars spent on entry fees creates a win/loss ratio for every contestant. Example: if you won $500 and spent $1,000 in entry fees you would have a .5 win/loss ratio. If you won 2,000 and spent $1,000 for the year you would have a 2.0 win/loss ratio. We then take your win/loss ratio and place it from highest to lowest with all other contestants in your rating category. The top 10% for example go up and the bottom 10% goes down.

It is your performance that moves you or leaves you where you are rated. No judgment, no opinion, no good ole boy politics.

If you were moved up your performance moved you and you should be congratulated for being successful and improving within the sport. If you were moved down it shows that, for whatever reason, you deserve a better chance at getting to the pay window.

Once again, this year the #3 rating category is the one that has the widest variety of abilities. That is because there are so many #2’s that automatically get advanced when they win $1,000. Some have competed for three years and spent a lot of money to win $1,000 while others may win it in their first year. Therefore, we are moving more #3’s to #4’s than any other category and are not moving anyone back to a #3 from the #4 rating. Three’s and 4’s are both considered novice riders on novice horses so the only difference is a one second handicap in handicap divisions.

If for any reason you feel with your new rating, you are mis-rated, we have initiated a rating review policy. The details of the policy can be found in the 2010-2011 RSNC Rulebook that can be accessed on the RSNC website at:   You can initiate the review by contacting us in writing and including a $200 deposit.

Following is a list of rating changes for the New Year. These changes are immediate and will be changed in the database at the next event you attend. You can expect a confirmation letter in the mail in the near future. If you were not moved your rating will not be reviewed again until mid-year unless your win/loss ratio dictates that you have improved tremendously and do not belong in your rating category.

Click Here to view the rating changes for the 2010-2011 season.


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