NRCHA Approves Non-Pro Two Rein for 2011


During the National Reined Cow Horse Association Board of Directors meeting held June 13, in Paso Robles, California, it was decided that the Non-Pro Two Rein will be re-established as a fully-approved class in 2011. Participants in the Non-Pro Two Rein will compete for World Championship qualifications, and participants would be eligible for World, National and Regional awards.

NRCHA Non-Pro Committee Chairman Paul Bailey explained, \”The Two Rein phase of cow horse training is an integral part of the NRCHA\’s history. It was brought to the Non-Pro Committee\’s attention that this was an important class that Non-Pros needed.\”

He continued, \”Based on the Committee\’s recommendation, the NRCHA Board of Directors decided to re-instate this class, and it will be an approved class next year.\”

NRCHA President Kathy Gould noted, \”Non-Pro Committee Chairman Paul Bailey and the Non-Pro Committee worked diligently on this issue. They found it was a change that the Non-Pros felt strongly about, so we look forward to great participation in the Non-Pro Two Rein next year.\”


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