Painted Babies on the Prairie


I would love to say that Diana and I are all ready and prepared for the Lloydminster Spring Show, coming up on May 22 and 23 (I am writing this on a cool and wet May 1st).  Truth is though, that between work, chores, school and other activities, there hasn’t been much time to ride and the weatherman hasn’t co-operated at all.  I would complain about the weather, but from what I hear we have been lucky to only have had a bit of snow and a lot of rain, rather than the other way around.

We have had an interesting year for foals to say the least.  Jet of Gold was “due” about March 9.  We finally induced her on April 20 (at 376 to 382 days) and she had a gorgeous loud overo colt out of Lucky Diamond Chip.  Funniest thing was within an hour of the vet leaving, Diana and I were walking out of the barn and took a look in Stella’s (RMW Shi Time) stall and she was foaling.  It isn’t very often that a person gets to see a foal born and we saw two within an hour or so of each other.  Stella was bred to By Appointment Only and we have another beautiful little guy.  A week later we had our last foal a beautifully filly out of Poirer’s stallion Talk of the Party and our mare, PP Maximum Shame.  We are hoping the glimpse of white on the belly is enough, but will wait and see.  In any event she is beautiful and boy, is she full of life!


This photograph was taken within minutes of his birth.  For anyone that doesn’t know Stella, she is the horse to babysat Diana and I when we started in this crazy horse show business.

One of the great things about being involved with the Saskatchewan Paint Horse Club is our youth – many of these young people are involved in other activities such as school sports, hockey, dance and/or music.  Yet they also fit in the time to care for their horses and prepare for the shows.  I think the whole show experience plays an important part in developing a well rounded young adult.  The Zone 10 Horse Show Committee and the Alberta Paint Horse Club have teamed together to reward the hard work of our Youth by developing a scholarship.  Details of the scholarship can be found on the Zone 10 website at  If you missed being able to enter for 2010, don’t worry as I understand the plan is for the scholarship to be an annual event.  Eligibility for the scholarship is just another benefit of being a Saskatchewan Paint Horse Club member.

Speaking of benefits of being a SPHC member – don’t forget that there will be a $1000.00 draw at our Harvest of Colours show in Saskatoon, to be held September 25 and 26, 2010.  You will receive a chance to win with each horse you show, so make room in that trailer.

I would suggest people put their minds to booking stalls for the Harvest of Colours as early as possible.  We have had a great response for stall bookings for our Lloydminster show.  So book early and make sure you aren’t left out of the experience.

Our Harvest of Colours Show will have many exciting events and is a great show for all levels of exhibitors.  For our trainers and experienced show exhibitors, we will again offer various futurities (don’t forget – if you can help out with sponsoring added money, please contact any SPHC director).  For our ‘nervous novice’ or new exhibitors, we offer a wide range of classes that will suit your level and pride ourselves on providing a show atmosphere that will ensure you are as hooked on showing paint horses as we are.  Never hesitate to contact any director with questions you may have – if the director you call doesn’t know the answer he/she will point you in the right direction.

Call of Volunteers!  If you can offer a day, a few hours or a few minutes at the Harvest of Colours show, please let one of the directors know.  Many hands make light work!

I am going to end this newsletter with two requests:

1)    if you have any ideas about improvements or changes that could be implemented by the SPHC, please don’t keep them to yourself – share them with one of our directors.  Our goal is to see the SPHC grow in membership and to see our shows be a success not only for the club, but also for each and every exhibitor; and
2)    Enjoy your Paint Horses – sometimes life gets so busy and serious we don’t take the time to enjoy things as simple as watching that new born foal run around the pen; going for a leisurely ride on a beautiful afternoon or just enjoying the company of our favourite horse.  I often tell people that my horses are my sanity!!  OK – for those of you who may argue about me being sane – this picture is for you:


~ Ronni Nordal

SPHC Director


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