Payout Increase

In 2010, horse owners showing American Quarter Horse Association Incentive Fund-nominated horses earned more money per point than in 2009.

More than $3 million will be divided among nominated foals that earned a total of 125,706.5 points – making the payout $24.01 per point. This payout is a $2.75 increase from 2009\’s $21.26 per-point payout, and the increase is primarily due to the elimination of green and introductory points.

“We are excited to offer a higher payout this year to our Incentive Fund participants, and we are glad the program has remained strong and successful despite a wavering economy,” said AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway Jr. “Enroll your stallions and eligible foals in this money-making program to increase the value of your horses and get paid back for their success in the arena.”

The Incentive Fund is a multimillion-dollar program involving stallion and foal nominations with pay backs to the stallion nominators, foal nominators and owners of the competing horses. The program is owned, managed and operated by AQHA.


The program utilizes the most familiar and proven concept in the American Quarter Horse Show industry –  points won at AQHA shows. Each point earned at AQHA-approved shows in eligible open and/or amateur classes by an Incentive Fund-nominated horse will be worth a specific amount.

For a stallion’s offspring to be eligible, he must be enrolled by November 30, prior to each breeding season, at a fee based on the number of mares on his previous year’s breeding report. This annual enrollment makes his foals, resulting from that breeding year, eligible to be nominated into the program.

Foals by these stallions are eligible to be nominated into the program during their first 12 months of age for a one-time, “for-life” nomination fee, provided the foal has not earned 1/2 point or more in an AQHA-approved event. To learn more about the enrollment fees, visit America’s Horse Daily.


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