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So a few days back in MSL\’s Hawg Time! blog, I promised y\’all that I\’d return with a detailed report about one of Hawg-A-Rama\’s 2011 features: the police canine demonstration. I know it hasn\’t much to do with horses per se,  however, I found these  animals to be fascinating as I\’d never had the opportunity to see them working front and center before. Therefore, I thought I\’d share it all with you wonderful folk!


For the purposes of this demo, the police officers used long leads on their dogs to showcase them – safely – in action.

The officers and dogs displayed were real.

The crimes held against the \”criminals\” obviously, were not.


First off, a vehicle driven by two men in question was demanded by the police to be pulled over. The first criminal (the driver), went quietly. His partner, however, put up more of a fight.


Therefore, a dog is brought out and the police offer the second man another chance to surrender quietly.

He declines.

The dog is released.\"\"

The dog makes contact with the criminal and begins to tug. (For the purposes of this demo, the criminal wears a protective covering on his arm).

\"\"The dog physically pulls the man out of the car through the passenger window.

\"\"Then, the dog begins to drag the criminal back towards the police officer with great strength.



\"\"Consider the training and power a police dog would require to make the force. All of us watching the demonstration were pretty impressed. Just take a look at some of the audience members\’ faces as the K-9 officer pulled the man out the window…


I have a new respect for the law and their canine counterparts.



2 thoughts on “Police Dogs”

  1. In my humble opninion, the most trained dogs on the planet are field trial retrievers (Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers). For the life of their careers, they are in training. More than a police dog, a seeing eye dog or a therapy dog. All of which can be trained in about a year or less and then they go out to their careers with maintenance or no further training. Our retrievers are the Olympians of the sport, executing difficult marks and finely tuned blinds on both land and water. I have had the pleasure of titling 4 field trail champions and a double national champion.

  2. LOL! This could become the vocal battle of the breeds as everyone has a favourite and rightly so! Love our animals! I dare say I know some schutzhund people who would disagree as they spend many years training their German Shepherd dogs and competing through all the stages. Any animal with a job to do that does it well is worthy of admiration. Great pictures of the police dog! Throughly enjoyed it!

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