Radio Ambush?


Have you heard of the United Horsemen organization?

The group has drawn both positive and negative media attention since their inception a couple of years ago. Most recently they postponed their second annual International Summit of the Horse, originally scheduled for this weekend forward to January, 2013. Instead, they stated in a press release, they are going to focus on a two-prong and ambitious program towards their mandate, which is \”working for a better future for the horse industry.\” The new initiative is set to co-incide with the reopening of USDA regulated horse processing facilities in the United States.

You can read all about that on their website.

Just today, on the National Public Radio talk show, Sound Off With Sasha, four guests were invited on the show to talk about the issue of horse slaughter.

The guests included philanthropist/business woman Madeleine Pickens, dedicated to provide sanctuary for wild mustangs, President of the Humane Society of the United States, Wayne Pacelle, author R. T. Fitch,  co-founder and President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation, and representative Sue Wallis, Wyoming State Legislator, former vice-president of United Horsemen, and a proponent and advocate for horse slaughter plants in the United States.

The resulting interview is quite insightful, particularly as a marker of the general public\’s beliefs and perception of horse slaughter and wild horses (read: caller\’s in).

Of note, Canadian processing plants are mentioned in the interview several times.

But, quite apart from that, United Horsemen now maintains that Wallis was the victim of a “set-up organized specifically to harass and vilify her personally, and the horse industry in general.” Wallis was apparently not aware of the other three guests on the show – all high-profile and staunch advocates against horse slaughter, believing she was being interviewed about the horse industry and the need for humane and regulated processing in the U.S.

Wallis left the interview prematurely and later stated, “There is no point in carrying on any sort of dialog with rabid radicals who have ulterior motives.”

Was Sue Wallis ambushed in a media setup by animal rights bullies? Here’s the link to the interview. Listen in and sound off on what you think.


4 thoughts on “Radio Ambush?”

  1. Most of the interview session was interesting and enlightening. After Wallis began speaking, about 35 minutes into the session, things rapidly degenerated after she made false statements about the horse slaughterhouse previously in Kaufman, Texas and the other participants became outraged.

    The facts about Kaufman’s struggles with Dallas Crown’s violations of environmental ordinances can be easily obtained. For instance, see this document from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in 2003 ( “On May 6, 2002, Mr. Mike Merritt of the City of Kaufman inspected the facility following a process overflow. In the inspection report he noted manure runoff from the facility into a drainage ditch leaving the property. He also noted bones and horseflesh falling off of the bone trailer and being spread by dogs and other vectors.” Mike Merrit was the city of Kaufman’s waste water treatment plant superintendent.

    Ms. Wallis seems to think so little of her audience that she feels comfortable inventing her “facts” out of thin air. Her public meltdown following a challenge to her statements testifies to the defensibility of her cause.

  2. Robert McAllister

    Not long ago, Ms Wallis was asked to move her slaughter plant proposal meeting that had been scheduled to take place at a local YMCA in Missouri. When the YMCA director realized the topic of the meeting and the negative press it would attract, he requested that Ms Wallis and her “Unified Equine” supporters take their meeting elsewhere.
    The following day, after the report about the move was in the local media, Ms Wallis claimed that they were asked to move the meeting because of “threats” received by the YMCA director from “rabid animal rights radicals.”
    Sound familiar?
    Due to the serious nature of Ms Wallis’ claims, the director was contacted to verify Ms Wallis’ statement that he had been a victim of “terrorist animal rights threats.” Like most of the rest of what Ms Wallis says, it turned out to be a complete and total fabrication.
    Evidently, Ms Wallis either cannot recognize the truth, or more likely she simply chooses to ignore it.

  3. Sally Boutiette

    Oh for goodness sakes. If Rep Wallis did not do her homework as to the guests on the show, the fault lies only with her! The guest list was publicly displayed for quite some time!!! The only person I found to be blatantly rude and aggressive with her attitude was Rep Wallis. A lady, she is not! The fact that she acted like a spoiled child and hung up when her assertions were challenged certainly did make her look foolish, and then her crying foul and asserting an ambush is completely laughable. Again, Ms Wallis, you had access to the same info we all did and I for one was aware of the guest list! It’s why I tuned in! When someone makes such a ill advised blunder, it is generally a good idea not to exacerbate the situation by making sure everyone is aware of just how stupid you really are. The emperor has no clothes Sue. We’re paying attention.

  4. Sue Wallis works tirelessly for the welfare of her own bank account! Furthermore, how is her crusade to slaughter American horses (regardless of anyone’s position) relevant to the work of a Representative for the state of Wyoming? Are we blind or simply care not to see true motive? Like any good crime scene, one must follow the money trail. Do not assume or insinuate for a millisecond that this woman works on my behalf as a horseman.

    To the poll posted on this website:

    May I ask how a dead horse helps the horse industry? A dead horse does not require veterinarian care, dental care, farrier care, hay, grain, a saddle, tack, training, etc. Do you see the chain of people in the horse industry that just lost money because of the dead horse?

    Lastly, NEWSFLASH. Slaughter has not gone away. You are free to send your non food animal to Canada or Mexico right now. Don’t sharpen your knives just yet. You are going to have one hell of a fight on your hands. Deposit that in your bank account!

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