Real Life Rodeo Queen Secret #5

Life\’s too short for flat hair.

I was recently asked by a Western Horse Review fan, “What is the deal with the hair?”

She wondered why she’d never seen a queen with straight hair and why on earth do the curls have to be so big? She even joked about the greenhouse gas emissions from our obsessive use of hairspray!

I think there are many misconceptions about the rodeo queen “look”, one of the biggest one’s being about our hair. Many think it’s frizzy, teased, and as dry as the hay we feed our horses. Well, 20 years ago we gave Dolly Parton a run for her money, but today rodeo queens are moving towards a much smoother, healthier and softer look with our hairstyles. Short hair can be seen from time to time along with straight styles, ponytails and even braids.

But you know what? I love big queen hair! It’s what sets us apart from everyone else at the rodeo and it gives us our identity. In a western world where styles are getting less and less flashy and more simple and classy, it’s what makes us different from other female rodeo athletes that walk in wearing the same Roper shirts and Wrangler jeans.

Sometimes I do tire of waking up extremely early to blow dry, hot roller, hairspray, brush out, hairspray, back comb, hairspray, bobby pin, hairspray, hairspray and then just for good measure, hairspray again, I don’t think I would want to change. I only get one more year of queening and that time is just too short for flat hair!


The contestants of the 1975 Miss Rodeo Canada Pageant, many with short hair and buns with their newly crowned queen Shelly (Sis) Thacker-Bjarnason.


Trish (Kostelansky) Seitz sporting full-on queen hair during her reign as Miss Rodeo Canada 1991.


Codi Ann Miller sports a trendy braid as Miss Rodeo North Dakota 2014. Codi finished in the top 10 in the 2015 Miss Rodeo America Pageant.


Miss Rodeo Canada 2014, Nicole Briggs during a 2015 pageant event, notice her smooth curls and healthy hair.


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