Riders & Rockband Don't Mix, Or Do They?


With the addition of Rockband in our house, a slew of surprising events has recently taken place in our barn. First, there was the curious drum stick injury (I'm not naming any names).

Then there was the impromptu dance-off in the barn alleyway…. one of Clay’s assistants busted out some major moves. Myself, and even a specific trainer participated a little. (As much as I could really participate anyways). He – who will also not be named – with his version of the “Robot.” And you know what? He was pretty good at it!


Then there were the random episodes of breaking off in song to \”Cecelia\”, whenever our respectively named bay roan two-year-old filly came walking into the barn.

“CECELIA! You’re breaking my heart….!”

Okay, okay. Please note, Beatles Rock Band made me realize, Cecelia is not a Beatles song. And for that, I’m sure, I am better person. But hey, don’t I technically fall into the category of echo-boomer? Regardless. Simon and Garfunkel: thank-you for your inspiration. And thank-you for helping us come up with a unique equine barn name.

“I’m down on my knees…! You’re shaking my confidence daily…”

(The lyrics don’t really have anything in common with our mare at all.)


Rockband is influencing some strange things around here. But it has got me thinking about how important it is to laugh – regularly. A job with horses is great. But it’s still a job. And it’s easy to get caught up in the monotonous and labour intensive schedule of endless chores, or disappointments that sometimes follow shows, breeding plans and high hopes. It’s amazing how a good laugh can change the day’s outcome and productivity level.

Plus a good song, can influence some pretty cool barn names:


How do you come up with your horses' barn names?

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