Marketing Mondays: Rating Your Website

We began Marketing Mondays a few weeks ago with a post on Social Media. Next followed the profile of a marketing genius, then a look at the Equestrian Social Media Awards, and last week we looked at the components of a good print ad.

This week, I'm going to share a cool online tool I learned about last week, which allows you to have your website graded against over three million others. You can find this tool online at Website Grader. To proceed with the grading, you key in your website url, several competition url's and within minutes a website grade is produced and sent to your e-mail.


We tried it with

The first stat it produced was a rating of where our site fell within the three million or more Website Grader has ranked. We fell in at just over the 74,000 mark.

The algorithm Website Grader uses is a proprietary blend of over 50 different variables, including search engine data, website structure, approximate traffic, site performance, and others. Great information if you're interested in this sort of material. Website Grader determined a grade of 97% for our website, meaning, that of the millions of websites that have previously been evaluated, the algorithm calculated that this site scores higher than 97% of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness.

That intrigued me!

Among the details of the comprehensive report it detailed for us:

A blog report: first it determined has a blog, and then ranked the blog component at 94%, likely due to the fact, it is current, original and we blog often. In fact, it determined the rank of our blog section at 33,165 out of the approximately 677,811 other blogs that Website Grader has ranked. It also stated our blog section is estimated to have a rank of 2,685,333, out of approximately 4 million tracked blogs, for highest unique website visitors.

Best of all it gave suggestions for improving our blogs, like adding a \”retweet\” button on each post, something we currently don't have, and including more hyperlinks within our posts.

Indexed pages: This number is the approximate number of pages on that are stored by search engines. Web crawlers for the major search engines will visit the website periodically and look for new content to index. Generally, the more pages found on your site by search engines, the better. The report showed we have just under 3,000 indexed pages.

Readability Level: This score measures the approximate level of education necessary to read and understand the web page content. In most cases, the content should be made to be simple so that a majority of the target audience can understand it. In our case, our level checked in at primary/elementary school, which I'm told is a good thing; it means our website is an understandable read!

I won't repeat the entire report here, but it went on with sections on optimization, promotion and conversion.

Finally, it took the competing website urls I had suggested and ranked www.westernhorsereview against them. It gave us a great view of where we fit in.

Overall, I received some insight on how to improve our site and also a great inside view into a few other sites I consider either as competitive, or \”mentor\” sites.

Check it out sometime and have your site ranked.

Special thanks to Kim Machado, a digital media consultant, whom we had the great opportunity to have a one-on-one with last week.

Thanks for tuning in and so hope you enjoy your week.

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