Road Trip CDs #2

Okay, so before you do anything check back into my post from last Friday. It will give you the insight to this stream which is all about favorite road tunes. What we\’re doing is sharing our road tunes selections, and I began with counting my #20-#16 last Friday and this week continue with my next five.

Just in time for the weekend, here they are:


American IV: the Man Comes Around – Johnny Cash


I\’ve never been as passionate about Cash as I have been after hearing the American series. I\’m drawn to the roughness of Cash\’s aging voice in this CD and particularly the two tracks, Hurt, and The Man Comes Around – the first a rendition of the Nine Inch Nail’s classic, and the latter Cash’s interpretation of the Book of Revelations.


The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere – Utah Phillips and Ani Difranco


Satirical and intelligent, from a man whose mind was wounded in the Korean War and ended up on skid-row back in America, awesome music and reflective words, for real thinking and laughing out loud, when heading down the highway. This one, produced by and punctuated with the music of the original righteous babe, Ani Difranco, make for a brilliant collaboration.


DeStijl – The White Stripes


You don’t have to be a thinker to love this music . . . come to think of it, White Stripes is best for the days you don’t want to think at all . . . horse in the trailer, a few precious dog days of summer, a long stretch of gravel road and this CD mix well. I particularly like DeStijl, it has a raw quality to it that was somewhat compromised later, when the band was signed by a major record company.


A Love Song for Bobby Long Soundtrack – Various


From the opening scene of Bobby stepping out from the warm, protective graciousness of a smoky corner bar, into the unforgiving light, this movie and the music in it resonated with me. Set against a beautiful backdrop of New Orleans decay, with a collection of broken people I could completely relate to, the movie and soundtrack are a work of art, and from blues to rock, this collective fits any highway trip.


1,000 Kisses – Patti Griffin


It\’s that voice. Soft, melodic, lonely; Griffin is a songbird. From Springsteen’s brilliant, dark, prairiesque Nebraska album, I especially love her bold rendition of Stolen Car.

That’s what I have for you in music this week, check back next Friday for five more and don\’t forget to enter our great giveaway. Just mention your one or a few of your favorite road tunes CD\’s in the Comments section below and you\’ll automatically be entered to win one of three Ian Tyson, Yellowhead to Yellowstone and Other Love Stories CD\’s we have to give away.

Contest ends June 30.


9 thoughts on “Road Trip CDs #2”

  1. Ian Tyson’s Live @ Longview has to be one of the best CD’s ever recorded. No matter what song is playing, its good. One of the best live albums ever recorded, and one of the best to listen to on nights you need a drink or four. My fav. song is “Desert Motel” and if you listen right at the end, the long “wooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooo” is me… I was there in Longview.

  2. How about Fred Eaglesmith’s “Balin’”? Honest lyrics, humourous glimpses into real rural roots (we call those folks ‘bushees’ here in North Western Ontario). A couple other artists I can listen to for hours include Corb Lund, and David Francey.
    I agree with U2 and Jimmy Buffet as road trip tunes – lively enough to keep the driver engaged and awake! Yet, some thought-provoking lyrics too.

  3. I love Reba and her 50 greatest hits album has so many awesome songs on it and it is funny how many of the songs you actually know the words to and you have to just sing along (my kids don’t appreciate my singing though!)

  4. Maureen Hanson

    You must get Roseanne Cash’s “The List”. When she was starting out in the music business her father Johnny Cash made a list of the 100 songs he felt were the most influential songs. Roseanne has picked some of these songs for this truly unforgettable album.

  5. Hurt, The Man Comes Around and The Book of Revelations are overflowing with Johnny Cash’s emotions. One can’t help but sit and really, really listen to this CD. It’s so special.

  6. Jackie HIltz

    I love the Live at Longview album, but I admit I enjoy most of Ian Tysons music. It is great music to drive to!

  7. Hi, just had a quick read here and saw a few names I recognize in the posts. Great idea. .I have (or am going to get) a bunch of these tunes for road trips!
    One of my favorites is a raunchy voiced guy by the name of Diamond Joe White. Only have one of his CD’s called “Honestly”.. it is one I can listen to (and sing to when all alone!) with.. a couple of songs I don’t care for but one of my favorites it the buffalo skinner song and also there is one about (sheesh – his name escapes me) the black bronc rider that lived in southern alberta.

    also love Corb Lund.. he writes about stuff we all know about .. bin there .. done that!

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