Road Tunes Contest Winners

Thanks so much for checking in to my Road Tunes posts. I hope you all found some new music within, and it inspired you to begin, compartmentalize, expand and review your own collection. Or, whatever turned your crank.


Right now I\’m happy to announce the winners of the contest. Each of you will receive one of three Ian Tyson, Yellowhead to Yellowstone and Other Love Stories CD’s we have selected for this contest.

1. Diana Dohei, who wrote, “Hurt, The Man Comes Around and The Book of Revelations are overflowing with Johnny Cash’s emotions. One can’t help but sit and really, really listen to this CD. It’s so special.”

2. Maureen Hanson, who suggested Rosanne Cash\’s, The List – taken from a list of 100 songs her father, Johnny, gave her as study material when she began her career in the music business. Maureen, I have just recently had the chance to listen to this CD, and I can see why you love it.

3. Bob Sinclair, who suggested George Strait and Pure Country, with a \”it  just gets ya goin’.”

Alrighty, then you winners, contact please contact Beth at [email protected] with your particulars, you have 30 days to claim your prize.

Thanks, ya’ll come back next contest, which will be announced August 6! Stay tuned and sign on to our newsletter on the Home Page to get details.

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