Royal Ramblings

After traveling far and wide, EquiMania! made the last stop of a trail blazing year at the Royal!  The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is well known for hosting anchor events of the horse show season in Canada but also for bringing the country to the city.  Over 23,000  eager school kids had the opportunity to learn about safety and horse sense while navigating their way through the Family Fun Zone in which EquiMania! was a main attraction.

School children gather around the exhibits at EquiMania! Photo Courtesy: Sharon Grose

Equine Guelph, Director, Gayle Ecker is “Delighted with our new location at the Royal where we can increase awareness of the horse industry and explain viable careers awaiting youth in the industry.”

Crowds of children lined the entrance to pick up ever popular horse hats and a special EquiMania! edition of Trot for Kids.  Once inside, the mania continued while the masses navigated through an abundance of interactive learning activities.  “Shorty Legs” is the old faithful steed, never waning in popularity.  He gathered a number of passengers comparable to that of Santa’s knee.  The marvelous new “guts” display attracted many visitors to take a tour through the super long digestive tract of a horse.  Not to mention, almost every Equimaniac tried their hand at the gripping new glove safety activities.


The following quotes are straight from the horse’s mouth.  EquiMania! participants shouted out “Fun, amazing, awesome, EquiMania! rocks and cool!”  The teachers are happy too, claiming: “Great exhibit.  The kids love it and are excited about learning.”

Equine Guelph thanks all their volunteers and sponsors for another successful year at the Royal:  Kubota Canada, Ontario Equestrian Federation, Pfizer, Shur-Gain, SSG Gloves, Standardbred Canada, System Fencing and Workplace Safety & Prevention Services.

EquiMania! will appear next at the Can Am All Breeds Equine Emporium in London, March 18th- 20th to continue the crusade of ‘helping horses for life’ by teaching horse health and safety in a fun, engaging way!  Equine Guelph is dedicated to serving the horse industry by educating horse owners and paving the way for youth to enter into rewarding careers.


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