September in Pics


I know I\’m a few days late in posting this. Seems as the months go by in 2014, time goes faster and faster! September was a strange month… if I can say that. It started warm and beautiful. Then progressed into full blown winter with a freak snow storm that brought the city of Calgary to its knees.


We headed to Spruce Meadows on September 12 and got a chance to take in the festivities of the Masters, and we also caught a glimpse of the devastation caused by the snow storm there. As Calgary was walloped by power outages, inches of snow and ice that devastated trees and buildings, the Masters had to be delayed by a day. See the whole story here.


But by September 12, things around the city were as back to normal as they possibly could be and the kids and I were some of the lucky ones to delight in the show jumpers and Equi-Fair at Spruce. We watched a little bit of the RCMP Musical Ride. We watched some of the jumpers. And when the temperature outdoors dipped lower than we liked, we headed inside to find some heated fun. The kids really took to the Breyer booth in the Equi-Fair which this year, featured do-it-yourself painted ponies and an autograph signing from Rich Fellers. We were in our glory!


Blizzards aside, September did have its blessings as well. We found several warm days in which there was time to shoot an annual photo shoot. These are my darling children having a tea party with their friend \”Legacy.\”

We used my grandmother\’s antique china.

That part made me a little nervous…

The photos were taken by my friend Natalie Jackman. Please believe me when I say, I couldn\’t have been happier with the results! More to come on this precious photo shoot.


As previously mentioned, September brought a myriad of weather changes. We had everything from raging flurries, to heat waves, to rain and rainbows. And I think in one week, we were challenged to dress for all four seasons.



We used the good weather days to prepare for the upcoming winter.



We used the crummy days to jump in mud puddles in our new Case IH tractor boots.

Because these boots are simply awesome.

And jumping in puddles turns everyone\’s day right-side up again.


We used the off days (no horse shows) to travel to Saskatchewan and pick up our weanlings and a two-year-old, sired by our stallion who is ready to begin training.

The kids and youngsters got acquainted.


And we used a day in between to hit the Calgary Corn Maze and prep for Autumn. If you\’ve never been there before and you have kids, you gotta check it out! Coming from an agriculture background, I was pleasantly surprised. There were so many things for kids to check out and experience, the place kept us busy as a family for hours. It was EXCELLENT! And to top it off, we finished off by choosing a couple of perfect pumpkins to come home with us.





If you\’ve been following along to My Stable Life the last several months, you may have noticed the month\’s worth of collages I\’ve been posting. And if you\’re interested to give Month in Photos a try, check it out here! This idea is a brilliant way to keep your snapshots organized and ready for Christmas time – for all of you Photo-bookers out there, by December, you\’ll have a year\’s worth of collages ready for your album!

You\’re welcome 🙂



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