Spa Day


Since I have been unable to reach my toes for 3 consecutive months now, pedicures are mandatory. Not that I\’m upset about that fact <smile> As such, it is necessary for this country girl to get a healthy dose of urban life every once in a while.

One of my favorite places in the city of Regina, SK, is the Hotel Saskatchewan (where the Queen stays when she comes to visit!).


This hotel is full of history and the buffets it puts together for Sunday brunches are out of this world! Plus, let\’s not forget about the Essence Organic Day Spa, located just inside the hotel\’s wings. The spa has catered to the likes of Charlize Theron, Howie Mandel and President Clinton.

I love it here. I could stay all day long – you know, if security would allow it. But today, I\’m only popping in for a couple of hours to visit with my pedicurist, Amy, and seek out some much needed pampering.


Amy and I have had some good laughs together. I tell her about life with horses on the farm and love to watch her reaction when she learns about my husband getting run over by a cow, or the four pairs of rubber much boots we each own, or the containers of shipped semen we have to drop everything for and make a run to the airport.

\”You say those things as though they are normal occurrences…?\” she chuckles.

The truth is – they kind of are… but I forget how odd they sound when you talk about them to someone else.


Amy is awesome because she\’s always honest with me about my nail polish choices. At one appointment, I picked \”High Gloss Pink\” and when you have swollen feet – the combination is calamitous.

High Gloss Pink + Swollen Feet = Toes that look like little piglets…

Amy doesn\’t let me make that mistake any more.

And the one thing Amy can certainly relate to is the snow build up we have been experiencing this winter. I guess the white stuff has piled up just as badly inside the city as it has for us in the great wide open.


The drifts have honestly gotten so high that my husband had to dig out \”corridors\” within the pastures, so the horses can get around.


When it happens, it\’s pretty funny to watch the youngsters race up and down between the walls of snow. For some reason, they get a real kick out of it.

Anyways, once back at home I learned that my friend, Jaime, had sent me a special package:


And upon opening it, discovered that she went to the trouble to go to my favorite bakery in the city of Calgary and purchased a bag of frozen cheese buns. Then she expedited the whole thing to Regina and Voilà! Clay and I had our favorite Glamorgan Bakery cheese buns, thawed and ready to snack on – in Saskatchewan.


Meanwhile in the barn, the broodmares were having their own \”spa\” day as well…


And on that note, My Stable Life will return next with more installments on our Breeding the Older Broodmare series. See ya then!


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