Stallion Promotional Ideas

Back in December we spent the weekend at the National Cutting Horse Association Futurity in Fort Worth, Texas. Hitting the list of go-see's and nearly as critical as a trip to Uncle Julio's was the Stallion Avenue, held Saturday morning at the show.

As you might imagine owners haul in their stallions, set up booths and parlay their goods. It's a great time, usually accompanied with good food and coffee, an opportunity to run into friends and a chance meet key players in the industry, as well as see in the flesh a number of high profile stallions. Interesting viewpoints abound, and if you are a mare owner, or aspiring mare owner, it's a great chance to see \”what's coming down the pipe,\” as they say.

It's also an eminent opportunity to gather up a whole lot of swag.

Stallion swag that is.

Black gold.

Texas tea.

Something like that.

I have to be honest. The thrill of collecting stallion promotional items does run it's course after logging in a number of trips to the Avenue, however, this year, I gathered it all up, just one more time, for nostalgia's sake, and; to run it through this blog, and see whatcha' all think of it.


The things I do for you.

Just to be clear, I do not, and does not in any way, shape or form remotely promote any of the stallions (or stallion stations), you're about to view in these photos. I'm here to showcase these promotional items, only as a variety of ideas for promoting your stallion.

Thanks to Teenager for organizing and setting up her own mini photography studio in the spare bedroom to properly choreograph two bags of scrunched up and suitcase-crammed items. I was so impressed with the result. She snapped some pretty innovative shots.


Like this one.


And this one. The kid has talent. If you need her to choreograph your next photo shoot, let me know. I'm hiring her out.

New this year were some really neat ideas.


This equine reproduction center went all out – water bottles, pens, cup holders, a four color promotional folder, and. . .


a fabulously sweet shortbread cookie, with their logo unforgettably emblazoned on the icing.

Well, until you ate it, that is.

A typical promotional package might include something like this:


Rather shouts out at you, doesn't it? It's bright, the message stands out and it's functional. Useable. In fact that seemed to be the theme of the stallion swag this year. Functionality.


Take this guy's package for instance: great cup holder, keychain flashlight and handy pen.


Not only that, but an embossed folder, stats sheet and fold-out CD piece.

Like, who's your daddy?


With the possibilities available on the internet and the proven shelf life of tried-and-true magazine advertising, I'm not sure how much of a slice of my promotional budget, full color brochures, folders and posters would hold. I'm in the business and I know how expensive this stuff is to produce. I'd have to question, who keeps it for longer than the drive home?

Other than hoarders.

And me. At least until spring cleaning day at the home office.

If I were breeding my mare to this stallion though, in that case, I'd hang on to it, and maybe pick up a few extra copies to give away later, when promoting the sale of the offspring.


One of my favourite pieces was this toque from Buffalo Ranch. What a great idea! These will get worn, not only because they are warm and cozy, but it's a cool and simple design, wearable by anyone. Not only out to the barn, but shows, the post office, grocery store. I see a lot of use in these toques, and a promotional reach far beyond a filing cabinet or desk.

Neat idea!

I hope you enjoyed a look at some of the promotional ideas abound in the stallion breeding world this year.

Speaking of stallion promotion, watch for Western Horse Review's first stallion edition, coming 'atcha in about two weeks!

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