Tuesday Morning Contest

It’s out. The March issue, with all of its wonderful and inspiring mixed bag of western horsemanship, culture and style.

We know you’ll like it. We think you might even love it.

This issue marks the 20th March issue I’ve worked on, and as always, it was a bit of a labor of love. This time around, it was renewing to work on a completely fresh feature: our Ultimate Artisans of the West headliner. It gave us a chance to showcase some of the great talent we’ve come to know and befriend over the past years, and also seek out some fresh ingenuity in our western midst. Even as the issue’s last pages headed to the press, we were already discussing new riffs for the same sort of feature next year.

In the magazine publishing world, the challenge of the moment is always how to address the same subject in a new and fresh manner each year. Typically, this concerns how-to or what we in the magazine world refer to as “service” pieces. For instance, deworming. Or vaccinations. Grooming. Products such as blankets, saddles and bits. This is perennial material and finding creative ways to address the same subject year after year can be a bit of a challenge. Which is one of the reasons I always like to ask the question, “what did you really enjoy in the last issue?” The responses tend to conjure up ideas and sometimes, reworking an existing plan for the following year.

Since we still have a number of these useful Horse Savvy day planners in the office, I thought it would be fun to incorporate a giveaway into asking this very question. If you haven’t seen these equine day planners yet, I can tell you they can adapt to whatever you desire them to be – daily riding journal, lesson planner, day planner, record keeper, simply a well thought out and excellent journal to have in the house (or barn).

So, please in the comment section below let us know what tweaked your interest in this March issue. What read(s) did you enjoy most? I’ll be making a draw from all of the responses this Friday.

Here's Your Sign Winner!

Mane Event Ticket Winner

Here's Your Sign…

Cavalia Ticket Giveaway

Cavalia Ticket Winner

Last week I announced a Cavalia ticket contest. All one had to do to enter was let me know what equine event or activity you’re looking forward to this fall.

That easy.

Here’s what you’re up to this fall:

Many of you desire to attend, surprise, Cavalia.

Even more responses indicated plans to head to the Canadian Supreme for a fantastic weekend of cow horse, cutting and reining. If this is on your radar, please plan to come by and visit the Western Horse Review booth at the Western Lifestyle Marketplace. And remember, this year, door admission to the show and the trade fair is free.

Many more are looking forward to later in the fall events such as the Canadian Finals Rodeo and other western horse events such as the Fall Classic, at Farmfair in Edmonton, Alberta, or the Canadian Cowboys Association Finals at the Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, Saskatchewan, and still others, the Mane Event in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

Autumn trail riding is big on the list of favorite activities. May we enjoy some wonderful warm afternoons to do just that.

Fall horse sales are the main event for others.

Favorite wrap-up events in barrel racing, reining, roping, penning, ranch rodeo, and breed events rounded out the responses.

Some of you, like I, are preparing for the upcoming 4H year.

Thanks everyone for participating – love the comments!

Erin Jacob, you’re the winner of the Cavalia tickets. Erin’s response was:

I am really looking forward to the CBHI (Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive) Futurity/Derby and Sale.

Congratulations, Erin! You have seven days to lay claim to your tickets. Contact [email protected] for more information.


Win Cavalia Tickets

As promised on the Western Horse Review Facebook Page, today we’re announcing the contest for the giveaway of a pair of tickets to Cavalia, set to open Tuesday night in Edmonton.

I heard just yesterday that ticket sales have been so strong, the show has been extended until October 7. Without any further rambling on about it, here’s the details to enter:

Simply, in the comment section below, tell us what equine event or activity you’re looking forward to this fall. That easy.

For a second chance at winning enter again at the Western Horse Review Facebook Page. I’ll add a post there a little later this morning.

Contest closes and winner announced a week from today.


Good luck to all and have a great weekend!

Fashion Shoot Steal, Giveaway 3 Winner

The “Quarter Horse” purse we featured in last weeks Fashion Shoot Steal, Giveaway 3 attracted a justified amount of interest and comments. It really is a sweet western vintage gem. We happened across it at a photo shoot of a western home we’ll be featuring in the Sept/Oct issue of Western Horse Review. I’d love to share some of the other rich western finds in that shoot, but I had better save them for the issue.

Photo by Deanna Buschert

Here’s what I found out about the purse. It was made by Texan handbag designer Enid Collins. She opened Collins of Texas in Medina in 1959 and produced hundreds of handmade whimsical and original purses, up until 1970, when she sold the company to Tandy Leather Corporation, which took over the production of the purses. Most were canvas bucket style, as is the Quarter Horse purse and others were wooden box purses.

Thanks to reader Deseri Tammie Cooper who also filled us in with a bit of detail on the bag:

[It’s a] Collins Horse-Themed Bag. 1960s. Maker: Collins of Texas. Linen-type fabric bucket bag featuring a horse print that makes playful puns. “Ol’ Paint” has a painter’s palette, “Appaloosa” has three-dimensional apples, the “Quarter Horse” has a real 1966 quarter sewn, via a plastic patch, to its rear, and the “Strawberry Roan” has three-dimensional strawberries. It’s an adorable Collins bag that I haven’t seen before.

Enid Collins in her Texas studio.

Collins hand decorated her purses with sequins, buttons, feathers and rhinestones. I’ve come to think of her as the original Queen of bling. When I try to imagine what kind of woman would carry a EC handbag back then, sassy, stylish, particular and fun come to mind. I bet Enid Collins purses made just as many trips to the grocery store as to social functions.

This particular EC handbag is a western treasure, I was hard pressed to find another for sale online. I did finally track one down on eBay, though the quality was questionable.

If your curiosity about EC handbags is still peaked, Cool Old Stuff has an informative piece on the collectibility of the Enid Collins purses. If you’d rather just view more handbag eye candy, Enid Collins Collection is a site which celebrates her style with hundreds of collectors sharing photos of their EC handbags.

Thanks to everyone for entering the contest we held last week on Screen Doors & Saddles and Western Horse Review Facebook. We asked you to guess what year the purse was made. So many near-on guesses and great comments. As I suggested above, from the research and markings on the purse, we’ve nailed it as an Enid Collins original, produced sometime in the ’60s, though we couldn’t pin down the exact year.

We just did a random draw amongst all the entries on the blog post and Facebook and drew Susan Gail Jenson Sjogren’s name out of the bag. Susan wrote:

“It looks new! But I will guess 1976.”

As promised from the onset, you didn’t have to guess the year correctly, just enter!

Susan Gail Jensen Sjogren, you’ve won a $100 gift certificate from a modern-day bling and western purveyor, Cowgirl Finesse. Please contact us at [email protected] to claim your gift certificate.

Thanks everyone for taking part in the contest, loved all your comments. Look for Fashion Shoot Steal, Giveaway 4 later this week, when we’ll be giving away another fabulous piece from our 2012 fashion shoot. Hint for this piece – it’s demin!

Fashion Shoot Steal, Giveaway 3

This last week, on Thursday, the skies cleared long enough to enjoy a drive through the foothills to the home of our photo subject for a piece we’re working on for the next issue of the magazine. At this time of year, verdant as it is thanks to all that moisture, the countryside can take a bit of your breath away.

While we were shooting I came across an item I decided would work in beautifully with the next Fashion Shoot Steal giveaway, which happens to be a $100 gift certificate from our friends at Cowgirl Finesse! We featured a few of the products from this sassy and stylish Canadian company in our 2012 Fashion Shoot – which is coming ‘atcha soon in the July/August issue. As you might already know, Cowgirl Finesse is known for their unique purses, so I decided to tie in this vintage handbag we found on the photo shoot with the contest.


photo by Deanna Buschert

All you have to do is guess the year this vintage (hint!) purse was made in the comment section below, and you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift certificate from Cowgirl Finesse. Don’t worry, there isn’t really a right or wrong answer, the key is participation.

Sometime next week, I’ll let you all in on the age of the purse pictured, and we’ll do a random draw from all of the comments and declare a winner.

Thanks for joining in and good luck!