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It\’s spring, and we happen to have just the right ingredient for your riding pleasure – a new saddle pad!

Please excuse the fact this photo has a decidedly autumn feel to it. When I sent Teenage out last week to photograph this pad over an old fence, I neglected to mention I desired a spring color palette for the end result.

And she refuses to run out and conduct another photo shoot.

Teenagers. . . . .

I love the shades on this saddle pad.

They match any and all of my brown horses.

Which, with the exception of a certain red roan pony include all of them.

I\’m turning this contest into an informal Reader\’s Survey. All you have to do to be entered to win is let me know what your favorite reads in any of the 2012 issues thus far were.

That would the following issues:

\"\"January/February 2012.

\"\"And this one – March.

\"\"And finally, the latest – April.

We\’re about to begin planning 2013 editorial. And, knowing what you appreciated this year will help us plan.

So, in the comment section below, tell us what article(s) you enjoyed – small or large, feature or department. And thanks for the feedback!

At the end of April, we\’ll do a draw from all the answers and the lucky respondent will win the saddle pad pictured above.


69 thoughts on “Spring Contest”

  1. Conway Campbell

    I like staying caught up with the Cloning issue as well I enjoy the training tips and taking what I read and trying it out.

  2. I loved the article of 55 Horsekeeping Tips. Can’t wait to test some of them out! I also loved the wedding article.

  3. Laurie Cooper

    I always enjoy the magazine. I found the cloning article very informative. The weddinga rticle was fun. Especially enjoyed Deb Ringer article. Haven’t read the april issue as of yet but am looking forawrd to the 55 horsekeeping tips as well as the hauling gadgets

  4. I really enjoyed the cloning article – super interesting read and really makes one think about the future of breeding industry around the world, and what role cloning will play in all of that.

    However, being a massive sap, the wedding feature was absolutely adorable and made me go “awwwwwwwww” the entire time. Absolutely stunning photos.

  5. I enjoyed the cloning – very informative and the wedding article, the photos were gorgeous. Happy Spring!

  6. Amy Gillespie

    I really liked the cloning article in the January/February article. It gave me information about something I didn’t even know was going on in the horse world.

  7. Lana Shields

    Loved the cloning issue for sure – thanks 🙂

    I hate to admit I haven’t had a chance to read April’s issue yet, it just came in the mail and I have been riding instead of reading – but I’m pretty sure that’s okay…lol

  8. Chelsea Bulani

    I really enjoy the product showdown sections. There are so many new products and even more tried and true products, and it’s nice to see the comparison with the pros and cons of the products.

  9. I enjoy especially enjoyed “Saddle Bronc Girl”.
    Your magazine is always informative, and I look forward to receiving it in the mail:)
    Always like to read about the horse industry in general and your editorials:)

  10. Amanda Arey

    I quite liked the easy keeper article, and of course the “nothing to prove one bronc riders story” was a favorite too!!!

  11. Mary Deiter

    Oh! A contest! Love it! It will be a challenge to pick the article though, as there are so many good articles in your magazine. However, I will wait to get my April issue before I decide, as it hasn’t come in the mail yet. Oh, the anticipation now that I have seen the cover of it posted here. I will eagerly check my mail box today. (Didn’t look yesterday!)

  12. Doreen carlson

    I really got excited reading Buck…..Fame and feel.
    Looking forward to many more articles about buck and his methods

  13. I enjoyed the story about Airwolf Two (Wolfie), the clone of Airwolf. The technology that can bring us a genetic replica of a long-gelded horse is astounding!

  14. Wendy williams

    I hate to sound like most others but I did learn a lot from the cloning article, although I must say that the current issue is my favorite overall this year.

  15. I loved your feature article about Western Weddings! The photographs were very inspiring and it was great to read about the couples and why they chose to do a western styled wedding, as well as the photographers who were able to capture the day so well. I’ve just started my own photography business and I’ve done a few weddings–I can only hope one day I’ll have the opportunity to take western styled wedding photos!

  16. I really enjoyed the Cloning article, I read every issue…..
    Another one was the Buck Brannaman article.

  17. Kaycee Hecht

    Why Canadian Bred Still Hits The Pay Window! Such a great read! Need to keep our bloodlines going up here 🙂

  18. I appreciated the article on The Easy Keeper. I have 2 easy keepers and was grateful for some of the clarification on the sugars in the grass, who knew!! 🙂 Also, I really loved the photo journal of the Little Britches Rodeo. Those little buckaroos are so adorable and their heart is so inspiring!

  19. Emily Hagerman

    Since we are just in the process of buying our first horse trailer the Hauling gadgets article was quite helpful. It seems that whenever we are in the midst of either buying tack or even training issues I can always find an article that helps with whatever situation I’m dealing with. Great magazine!

  20. It always surprizes me to read that people are against horse slaughter. There will always be people who breed horses for quantity not quality. It would be great if all mankind would breed horses and keep care of them like they should be. We all have heard the horror stories and have seen horses in bad situations. There will always be excess animals out there..where would you like them to go??? I just do not understand why this is even an issue…horse slaughter has a place in our world just like any meat. No contest…we need the slaughter houses..just make it a little better for the ones that make it there.
    I love reading Western Horse Review!!

  21. Erin Lundteigen

    I enjoyed the article about “too much stall time”. I’m an english rider and I really liked reading this as I could easily relate.

  22. Tawny O'Hara

    I really enjoyed reading the cloning article as I was not aware people were doing this. I am not for this however I think it’s against Nature. I also enjoy the tips as I try them on my Apache Reservation rescued horse. Some work and some either I’m doing them wrong or he has other thoughts on the matter.

  23. heidi whelan

    I just read the Stall Time article it confirms plenty about stalling I really believe horses are better off not stalled and allowed to roam their pastures, I know we’re all not lucky enough to have lots of grazing especially in April in Canada, but we have 6 horses on our farm and they are free to graze and eat round bales at their leisure, they just seem so much happier to me than horses I see in stalls. They have access to a large walk in barn but are seldom in there. Even when there isn’t lots of grass in winter or early spring they still seem to graze. The nature of the horse is to graze in a herd and put on lots of miles everyday, I feel sorry for horses that don’t get to live naturally. You learn a lot about herd dynamics, who is the boss, how horses discipline each other, who is at the bottom of the herd etc. I love to look out on a sunny day and watch my herd flaked out lying in the sun having a snooze. The horse wasn’t meant to live in a box.

  24. I’ve never been to a Mane Event, and will be in Red Deer this weekend – seems like the perfect opportunity to see what it’s all about. Thank you for the contest!

  25. I really enjoyed the piece on feeding easy keepers- it’s hard to manage a combo of pudgy & thin horses & I find my easy keeper harder to keep at a healthy weight!

  26. it is such a hard decision to pick just one article… your magazine has great articles in every issue. But i just purchased a couple new horses and they have proven to have differant nutritanal needs that i have not had in the past. so i really liked the “Equine Nutrition Options” article!

  27. Pamela Sabo

    I enjoy all the articles in Western Horse Review. I love finding it in my mailbox and rarely put it down til I’ve read it cover to cover 🙂

  28. Michele Borodawk

    I really enjoyed learning more about “cloning”. Feel it is not “mother nature’s” way – but to each their own.

  29. As an Icelandic owner, I’m most looking forward to see Liz Graves. I’ve followed her work with gaited horses for a bunch of years, though I wasn’t sure if we’d see her in this part of the world. Nice surprise!

  30. Colleen Gilbert

    Why Canadian Bred interested me as I own two broodmares. I always like to see nutrition articles such as Equine Nutrition Options and Feeding the Easy Keeper. All of these appeared in the March issue. I love this magazine!

  31. I thought the article on cloning was fantastic. Very thought provoking. Keep the scientific articles coming! I thoroughly enjoy reading the magazine and look forward to each issue!

  32. Shirley Boucher

    So far my favorite issue is Jan./Feb…particularily the articles on Deb Renger and also cloning…interesting that so many mares have been cloned.

  33. Allie Sutton

    Canadian bred article from March issue was excellent , we don’t need to go south for top horse flesh!!

  34. I love the whole magazine…I read it cover to cover each issue! I especially enjoyed the first enstallment of Lisa Schiestel’s 3 part series on working with two year olds! For everyone who wants to provide the right start for their young horse and can’t afford or doesn’t have access to a trainer I think it’s great!!!

  35. Sharlene Patterson

    I enjoyed all of them, but the March issue had the most broadest information to cover all disaplines. Keep it up. Thanks you

  36. Brenda Campbell

    I cant tell you how much my family enjoys your magazine. I really enjoyed the article on cloning. Very interesting. We also all really enjoy the Road to Futurity articles. To be truethful… Its hard to pick one… It’s a great magazine ‘Cover to Cover’ … Everytime!

  37. Glenda Wagar

    I enjoy reading almose all of the articles. I love the scientific articles and stories about real people and thier horses. I would love to read more about natural situations with horses instead of always the consumer approach. I look forward to reading how to use and treat our friends in friendly non chemical ways. good job and thank you

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