Fashion Shoot Steal 2 Winner

We’ve finally wrapped up our July/August issue and sent it off to press. Here’s a sneak peak of the cover; it’s all I’m allowed to give you. If you haven’t had a chance to subscribe, you absolutely don’t want to miss this issue. We’re running a Father’s Day Subscription Special right now. Use the promo code WHRDAD2012 to receive a great deal.

Typically, there’s a quietly composed lull after each issue. It’s not on the agenda, it just happens, possibly because we’ve been so busy for the past three weeks that we’ve neglected to plan to this week. It’s entirely what’s called for – a time to catch up on work that’s been cast aside during the frenzy of production – waiting e-mails, cancelled appointments that need rebooking, a lawn to mow, weeds to pull, gardening and flowerpots and beds. . . And then riding, the horses that need to be legged up and lessoned for upcoming shows. Going on here too is the tail end of school activities, exams, high school graduation and new territory for this family – university preparation for Teenager. The times are a changing at the log house.

But today, we’re talking about boots.

photo by Krista Kay Photography

Ferrini boots. The boots we’ve been promising to give away for the past two weeks or so as part of our 2012 Fashion Shoot Steal. The moment has arrived and we’re ready to name the winner of these gorgeous boots, complements of Irvines Tack and Trailers. 

Congratulations, Toby Lukiwski, you have won the Ferrini boots pictured above. As part of the contest entry, we asked participants to name their favorite pair of boots. Toby’s reply:

“Favorite boot to ride in, Justin crepe sole square toe. I’m having a difficult time retiring them. Dress up boot… I have a pair of vintage Tony Lama boots with butterfly inlays. They are beautiful! This pair would look perfect next to them!”

Toby, contact [email protected] within 14 days to make arrangements to receive them. And congratulations!

Thanks everyone for participating in this Fashion Shoot Steal. We’re not finished yet, stay tuned to this blog for another giveaway item in the coming days!

Mane Event Ticket Giveaway Part 2

Mark Sheridan, one of 2011’s clinicians at the Mane Event. Tell us which clinician you’re most looking forward to seeing this year and win two passes to the event. Enter in the Comment section below.

As promised we did the draw for the Mane Event ticket giveaway this morning in the wee hours. Congratulations Jenn Refvik, you’ve got yourself two passes to this weekend’s Mane Event in Red Deer, Alberta. Pick up your tickets at the front ticket booth at the show.
Jenn’s response to the question of what she’s looking forward to at this year’s event:
“This will be my first Mane Event! Can’t wait to check out the shopping and the Trainers Challenge. Must find a SF Roundbale net and could use a new blanket for my future cowboy’s mini.”

We’ve decided to host another giveaway for TWO MORE passes to the Mane Event.

Simply let us know in the comment section below, what clinician you’re most looking forward to seeing at the event. We’ll do a draw Friday at noon and post the results on Screen Doors & Saddles.

Finally, remember you have until April 30 to win that gorgeous saddle pad as well. Enter here.

Spring Contest


It’s spring, and we happen to have just the right ingredient for your riding pleasure – a new saddle pad!

Please excuse the fact this photo has a decidedly autumn feel to it. When I sent Teenage out last week to photograph this pad over an old fence, I neglected to mention I desired a spring color palette for the end result.

And she refuses to run out and conduct another photo shoot.

Teenagers. . . . .

I love the shades on this saddle pad.

They match any and all of my brown horses.

Which, with the exception of a certain red roan pony include all of them.

I’m turning this contest into an informal Reader’s Survey. All you have to do to be entered to win is let me know what your favorite reads in any of the 2012 issues thus far were.

That would the following issues:

January/February 2012.

And this one – March.

And finally, the latest – April.

We’re about to begin planning 2013 editorial. And, knowing what you appreciated this year will help us plan.

So, in the comment section below, tell us what article(s) you enjoyed – small or large, feature or department. And thanks for the feedback!

At the end of April, we’ll do a draw from all the answers and the lucky respondent will win the saddle pad pictured above.

6 Weeks ’till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

Last night I invited my friend, Sheila, to the movie, Buck. It’s showing in Calgary at the Plaza Theatre through to the end of the month. I was happy to see it at a small, independent theatre – we like to support that genre, though they are sadly, fast disappearing from our landscape.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the trailer of Buck by now, it’s received a good share of publicity, but just in case you’ve been hiding under a frozen waterer, you’ll find it at the end of this post.

Sheila, not a horse owner, loved the film. As did I, and it seemed most of the audience members in the cozy theatre. It’s not a film you absolutely need to see in a theatre, but it’s always a greater experience to see a film on the big screen, isn’t it.

The movie focuses on the life and message of Buck Brannaman, a horseman we in the industry are quite familiar with, but it was nice to see his message reach outside of our circles to the larger mainstream. Buck was recently in Alberta, and we had a chance to get together with him, gathering an interview for a feature we can’t wait to share with you in the March issue of Western Horse Review. 

Buck really is about horses, but his message is quite human. Redemptive, vulnerable, forgiving. Brimming with quiet strength. Buck is a beautiful work of humanity. No great wonder he has the following he has amassed. Just this morning as I browsed my Facebook feed, I noticed a Buck quote on the Natural Leader Facebook page:

“Possess the things horses treasure – peace and comfort; and your horse will always be willing to trade with you. If you are always mindful of that, you “should” have the perfect relationship. Betray that desire and you will be low on credit with your horse.”

Always words to ponder from Buck. He’s the kind of teacher who leaves you to dwell on the questions. But then, there’s no wisdom worth having that isn’t hard won – which is, more or less, the story of his life.

I encourage you to be sure to make Buck part of your Christmas plans, whether in a theatre near you, or on DVD. That said, I’m offering up a DVD of Buck to give away this week. Fact is, I need to stockpile a few western movie suggestions for a future post, so let us know in the Comment section below, the name of a western movie you love, and we’ll enter your name into a draw to receive a DVD of Buck. Contest closes Friday, at midnight, and winner announced Monday.

Enjoy the trailer!

Looking for Wild Horse Lovers

Children's writing  Voice For The Horse Foundation

The Voice For The Horse Foundation is hosting their first children’s writing competition this fall. The subject – wild horses! With curriculums for two different age categories – 12 and under  and 13-18 years of age, the writing competition offers a wide array of subject matter that will in fact intrigue the minds of all wild horse lovers alike.

The competition officially began Oct 1 and runs through until Jan. 31, 2012.

The writing competition was inspired by Atticus, the wild stallion from Deadman Valley, British Columbia, who was captured in the winter of 2011 and rescued by CritterAid / Project Equus in the Interior of B.C. To create further awareness for the wild horse populations and the preservation of them across North America, Voice For The Horse contacted Saving America’s Mustang, where founder Madeleine Pickens responded with great enthusiasm for the project. Theresa Nolet from CritterAid / Project Equus has also equally embraced the program and its effort to bring about equine awareness to communities across the continent, to those both in and outside of the horse industry.

The grand prize for the writing competition is a trip for two to The International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros (ISPMB) the oldest wild horse and burro organization in the United States, that has been innovative in the field of wild horse and burro protection. ISPMB is pleased that they are able to sponsor an experience of a lifetime at their ranch next year for the winner of the 1st Annual VFTH Children’s Writing Competition! Under the leadership of their first president, Velma Johnston, affectionately known as Wild Horse Annie, ISPMB and Annie were responsible for the passage of federal legislation in 1971 that gave protection to wild horses and burros on public lands from death and harassment.

The competition provides a unique and free learning opportunity with the hope that children will have the ability to share their love for horses across North America through their writing.

For more information, please visit  

Best Babies Photo Contest


We’ve loved receiving your submissions to Best Babies Photo Contest! This is the final set of shots for this year’s contest. Everyone who submitted will be automatically entered in our 2011 Best Babies contest and eligible to win our fantastic foaling welcome package, valued at $200. Our judges are deliberating and we’ll have a winner announced soon. Stay tuned!

KR Blacklord Nahabi

2011 Bay Colt, KR Blacklord Nahabi, By WRA Moniet Schatan Idn Nahabi x Blacklady Shaqila, Karma Ridge Arabians, Thorsby AB, Photo By Sonja Auramenko.

JD Blackberry Neat

2011 Colt, JD Blackberry Neat, By Jac Daniels Neat x Julies Genuine Step (Wimpys Little Step), Carberry MB, Photo by Silverado’s Colt Company

2011 Filly, Nu Lady Bee Great, sired by Jac Daniels Neat x BC Nu Peppy Cash (Nu Chex To Cash), Carberry MB, Photo by the Silverado Colt Company

JD Neat N Shiney

2011 Filly, JD Neat N Shiney (aka Charley), By Jac Daniels Neat x Ima Shining Sparkle (Shining Spark), Carberry MB, Photo by the Silverado Colt Company.

2011 Miniature Filly, Gigit, located just south of Saskatoon, Owned by Heidi Petrar, by Dara Black

Lakoda Chic Filly

2011 Filly, by Lakota Chic x Freedoms Barry Lou, Briercrest, Sask, Photo by Karen Knox

Best of Babies 2011

2011 Bay Colt, By a Holsteiner Stallion x Thoroughbred Mare, Beaulieu Stables, Quebec, Photo by Tena Petkovic

Best Babies First Batch


We’ve loved receiving your submissions to Best Babies Photo Contest! Keep your photos coming, you have until June 30 to enter. Send your photo to [email protected] (along with a line describing foal’s parentage and location). With that you will be automatically entered in our 2011 Best Babies contest and eligible to win our fantastic foaling welcome package, valued at $200.00.

(Please note, photos may be posted on or published in the magazine. Contest runs until June 30/2011.)

Here is a selection of the first set of entries.


2011 Bay filly, Cashes Wildfire (La Royal Cash x Myra Hudson) x Zillas Spin Doctor (Birdzilla x Merri Voyage). Beaverlodge Alberta. Photo by Jen Osgood

2011 bay filly, out of Cashes Wildfire (La Royal Cash x Myra Hudson) x Zillas Spin Doctor (Birdzilla x Merri Voyage). Beaverlodge Alberta, this picture is three generations of girls. Photo by Jen Osgood

This is “Jake” born on Mother’s Day in Berwyn, AB. Sire is KRK Mighty Fletchin out of Meow’s Little Jazz. Photo by Melanie Elliott

Justice is a Foxtrotter x Percheron cross. He and his dam were rescued two days before this picture was taken. Justice symbolizes strength and courage. He and his dam will be up for adoption after he is weaned this fall. He is located in Mountain Grove, Missouri with Bridles-N-Braids Equine Rescue. Photo by Deanna Kafka

Submitted by Carol Schaffer, Sandy Ridge Stallion Station, Bassano, Alberta

This filly is out of a Peppy San, Pepo San, Two Eyed Jack and Impressive bred mare and a Poco Bueno, Hancock and Two Eyed Jack bred stallion located near Fort Saskatchewan Alberta. Photo by Malory Parrish

This is Smiley born April 15th, 2011, she is our APHA filly (Sonny’s Calico Flit x Salty Duck). We call her Smiley as her markings on her lips look like she is smiling. Photos by Sonja Avramenko, Karma Ridge Stables, Thorsby, AB

This is Smiley born April 15th, 2011, she is our APHA filly (Sonny’s Calico Flit x Salty Duck). Photo by Sonja Avramenko, Karma Ridge Stables, Thorsby, AB

2011 palomino filly standing for the first time – Sire: Shiners Q Chex Dam: Twister New Tip born in Grandora, Sask. May 12. Photo by Michelle Walerius

This is Catalina, born May 6, 2011. Sired by Major Eyed, out of Peps Got Class,in Griffin, SK. Photo by Andrea Clarke

Growing a Little Country Contest Winners

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our Growing A Little Country Contest. Terrific selection of comments from an obviously gardening and landscaping audience at I just planted some of these seeds this evening; I tried the Sudan Grass, Black-Bearded Wheat and Starburst Millet. I’m aiming for a great backdrop against one wall of the log house.

The winners of three sets of beautiful ornamental grass seeds from William Moore Farms are:


No. 3 for me! Their gardens are awesome.


Just love grasses, they look great and are low maintenance which is perfect when the ranch takes up most of my time.pkg. 3 for me!


Love the millet! I am working on a rock garden around an old horse-drawn breaking plow and these would be perfect… :-)

Congratulations ladies, and enjoy the grass seeds. Please send your mailing address to [email protected] as soon as possible and we’ll get your seeds out to you. Just because I want to be sure you have enough, I’m going to send you each two envelopes of three seed packages each. Enjoy!




Best Babies 2011 Contest

For all the same reasons we kicked off our inaugural Best Babies 2010 Photo Contest, we pursue it again this year.

Because it’s a beautiful spring day. Because we await our own new arrival here at the log house. Because it’s difficult to think of any subject which can loosen the words “grab the camera” from any horseperson’s lips more readily. Because I can’t wait to show you the first set of submissions to our Best Babies Photo Contest. Because I fell in love with photographing foals when we had our first three years ago. Because I want to encourage you to capture those short-lived days of foalhood.

Send us Your Best Foal Shot

If your latest beauty of an arrival has you running for your camera, we invite you to share your foal photos with Western Horse Review readers in our 2011 Best Babies Photo Contest. Send your photo to [email protected] (along with a line describing foal’s parentage and location). With that you will be automatically entered in our Best Babies contest and eligible to win our fantastic foaling welcome package, valued at $200.00.

(Please note, photos may be posted on or published in the magazine. Contest runs until June 30/2011.)