Mane Event Ticket Giveaway Part 2

As promised we did the draw for the Mane Event ticket giveaway this morning in the wee hours. Congratulations Jenn Refvik, you\’ve got yourself two passes to this weekend\’s Mane Event in Red Deer, Alberta. Pick up your tickets at the front ticket booth at the show.
Jenn\’s response to the question of what she\’s looking forward to at this year\’s event:
“This will be my first Mane Event! Can’t wait to check out the shopping and the Trainers Challenge. Must find a SF Roundbale net and could use a new blanket for my future cowboy’s mini.”

We\’ve decided to host another giveaway for TWO MORE passes to the Mane Event.

Simply let us know in the comment section below, what clinician you\’re most looking forward to seeing at the event. We’ll do a draw Friday at noon and post the results on Screen Doors & Saddles.


Finally, remember you have until April 30 to win that gorgeous saddle pad as well. Enter here.


20 thoughts on “Mane Event Ticket Giveaway Part 2”

  1. Mark Grasley

    Looking forward to seeing Jonathan Field at the Mane Event….thought his Blackberry Commercial was awesome!

  2. Denise Pezderic

    Hands down my favorite part of Mane Event is Jonathon Field. So much fun to watch him work with his horses. Just amazing. I love the problem solving and skill shown in the Trainers Challenge too, fun to watch the progress over the weekend. Jackie Johnson is fun and talented Saskatchewan gal that puts on a fun clinic as well. Mane Event rocks!

  3. Tricia Woodley Boechler

    I would love to watch Jackie Johnson! I’m always curious how they break down the movements:)

  4. Samantha Bailey

    I have to say I am super pumped to see Jonathan Field, Janet Johnson, and Robin Gollehon!!! I think that all 3 will give great insight on how my horse and I can continue to grow in our knowledge together!!! So excited for the Mane Event!!!! The last time I attended was in 2007, so its been a long wait to go back!

  5. Janice Gagnon

    I am really looking forward to watching and learning from an Olympian like Cindy Ishoy! She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience so to be able to watch her will be an awesome experience.

  6. Never been to the Mane Event. I would really enjoy watching barrel racing clinician, Chad Crider.

  7. Leanne Godwin

    Im looking forward to seeing Liz Graves, Chad Crider and Cindy Ishoy and of course the SHOPPING!

  8. As an Icelandic owner, I’m most looking forward to see Liz Graves. I’ve followed her work with gaited horses for a bunch of years, though I wasn’t sure if we’d see her in this part of the world. Nice surprise!

  9. I would love to take my daughter to see Chad Crider. She’s nine and loving all gymkana events right now.

  10. My daugher and I ride English, so the opportunity to get first hand the hunter/jumper insight of Scott Hofstetter is not to be missed.

  11. Linda Stevens

    I have only been to Mane Event once-for one day only, so am very excited to spend 3 days taking in Demos and shopping. I am also looking forward to the trainers Challenge in particular Mike Kevil. He is my favorite, but will watch all 3

  12. Nancy Pratch

    It will be my first year going to the mane event and I’m looking forward to watching Sandy Collier.

  13. Dean Savage

    Looking foreward to seeing Robin Gollehon Saturday, and also want to catch Elizabeth Graves.

  14. Jerri McPhee

    Can’t wait to see all the trainers in the challenge. Also want to see what extreme trail is all about with the Hoover’s.

  15. I am excited to watch Jonathan Field and spend time overwhelming my senses with everything equine !!
    I live 8 hours North of the Main Event and would LOVE a reason to go South and enjoy learning from such a wonderful clinician 🙂

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