Team Roping Memorial


The 3rd annual Terry Dunk Memorial Roping was held on Saturday, May 29th at Campbellford, Ontario.  It was a 3 head progressive roping with a pick/draw format and there were 312 teams in the first go round.  Ropers came from all over Ontario, New York and Quebec.  The results of the roping are:
1st Trevor Dunk/Jason Thomson 31.95/3 $1,610.40/each
2nd Trevor Dunk/Stu Cahill 33.03/3 $1,288.32/each
3rd Stu Cahill/Brad Bowie 37.11/3 $966.24/each
4th Brian Roworth/Cody Mousseau 50.26/3 $644.16/each
5th Brad Roe/John Scully 70.21/3 $483.12/each
6th Lacy Beer/Brad Bowie 73.85/3 $375.76/each

The first place winners also received rope bags made by Ken Boroski and donated by the Scully family as well as leather jackets donated by the 730 Truck Stop in Cardinal, Ontario.  Second place received breast collars made and donated by Ken Doner.  The top lady header and heelers, Lacy Beer and Dawn Civiero received halters, made by Ken Boroski and donated by Teri Lee Dunk.  The fastest time of the day was 8.16 by Trevor Dunk and Tim Carnes. High point winner, Trevor Dunk, received the trophy saddle. The added money was donated by the Dunk family, Jeremy McCulligh and Dawn Civiero.

A kids barrel race was held and all the kids received prizes.  The winner of the barrel race was Tayler Dunk.  They also held a “team barrel race” where male/fermal partners were drawn.  The winners were Jodi Swearingen and Jim Woods (Jim is Teri Lee’s father and travelled from Nova Scotia to attend the roping).


The weather was great, beef and pork barbeque after the roping was delicious and everyone had a great time.

The Dunk family would like to thank all the ropers who came, the sponsors and all the people who helped make this roping a success.


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