Ten Reasons to Love Ten


Jesse showed the last of his three horses on Sunday – Ten Reasons. He was really looking forward to showing Ten – he\’s been really good all year and is fun to show.

There are so many reasons to love Ten.

1. He\’s a cute little bugger.


2. He may be little but he sure is mighty. He has a huge heart and a whole lot of try.


3. He\’s dependable. He\’s the same in the warm-up pen as he is in the show pen – he\’ll never let you down.


4. He\’s just one of those horses that catches everyone\’s eye, one that everyone wants to take home.


5. He\’s never moody, doesn\’t hold a grudge and loves his job.


6. He\’s a huge stopper, big turner and pretty mover.



7. He marks big and is easy to show.

8. He\’s a stud that doesn\’t know he\’s a stud.

9. As gritty as they come.

10. He marked a 217.5 in the first go of the Open Futurity.

What more could you ask for in a horse!

Jesse worked Ten lightly the night before showing. Ten doesn\’t take much prep.


He worked the stop up and down center.


Jesse was very happy with how Ten showed. With a 217.5 going into the second go, that puts him in good contention for the finals. Looking forward to Wednesday for his second run. I\’ll be a nervous wreck, but cheering as loud as I can!


5 thoughts on “Ten Reasons to Love Ten”

  1. Leanne (mom)

    Love reading your blogs. They really keep us at home up to date with what is happening in OKC. Keep up with the great writings. We look forward to reading them every evening. Good luck to Jesse and the rest of the Canadians!

  2. April Masters

    So nice to see this guy show! And excited to read your blog, very informative .They had a great run it was awesome to get up and watch them and it was so worth getting up at 1am!
    Great photography too!

  3. Marilyn Copland

    Great run, Jesse. I’ll have my nose to the webcast tomorrow for Ten’s 2nd run. Congratulations to George McIvor who bred and raised Ten. Just wish I was there in the grandstand cheering with all of you tomorrow! Go get ’em, Jesse!!

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