The Benefits of Tildren


“Four out of five-degree lameness…” If you’ve ever heard these words as a horse owner delivered to you by your veterinarian, you’d know the feeling of helplessness that follows. That’s why Tildren is a promising new medicine offering more than hope in restoring soundness in horses with bone-related lamenesses.

From horses stricken with navicular, to those plagued by ringbone or osteoarthritis of the hock, Tildren stops agressive bone remodelling activity and can be quite effective in slowing down the process, plus alleviating pain at the same time. The main benefits of Tildren include the inhibition of bone resorption by blocking the activity of osteoclasts, increasing bone density and inhibiting the secretion of enzymes that degrade the cartilage on joint surfaces.

It can be administered orally but most veterinarians prefer to administer it intravenously, which allows the Tildren to be soaked up into the horse’s bones like water seeping into a sponge. Tildren exists in an oral form approved for human use generically known as “Tiludronate” and is used in the treatment in the condition called Paget’s disease.

Tildren is expensive and the FDA has made it difficult to access it as Tildren can only be imported through a special process. However, this one drug has done more to revolutionize equine bone and joint disease in the past 10 years than any other. Contact your veterinarian for more information.



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