The Foal is the Goal


Today I need to tell you about an awesome book. Since the weather is so miserable outside, it might be a good time to settle in with this fantastic read!

Authored by Tena Bastian, a veteran breeder, The Foal is the Goal is an excellent resource for any mare or stallion owner who would like a realistic look into the world of breeding, prior to setting foot into it. It\’s a great book for any time of the year too as Bastian focuses on all parts of the breeding decision including, the necessary forethought required to breed a mare, the process of breeding a stallion and preparation for foaling.

Bastian divides this picturesque publication into two parts: Part One is about The Mare and Part Two is about The Stallion and highlights considerations for being an owner of either or both, especially when it comes to the concept of breeding. Bastian candidly questions the motivation for wanting to be a breeder, sheds some light on the challenges that can be involved and offers advice for breeding methods and use of equipment, stallion handling, writing contracts and program promotion.

There is also a full color photo series of actual foalings, diagrams regarding basic mare anatomy and step-by-step advice for breeding methods and use of equipment. Whatever side of the equation you may find yourself, this books provides reader-friendly advice for the fundamental concepts necessary to approach the breeding decision in an informed manner.



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