The Grand Christmas Giveaway


We love bringing you the best of the West when it comes to authentically styled product. Trending that theme, Christmas is definitely coming early for someone.

We featured artist Paige Albrecht\’s handcrafted belts and cuffs in our Nov/Dec. Christmas Gift Guide. The photos were some of our most loved shots of the day, and we were so impressed with the quality of the product, we got together with Paige to collaborate a giveaway. As a result I\’m ecstatic to announce we are able to giveaway one of the belts* above to one lucky reader as a special Christmas gift.

There are four ways to enter this contest and you can enter it once in each venue, giving you four unique entries into the random bucket draw. Here they are:

1. Comment on this blog post for your first entry. Just let us know what your favorite Christmas activity involving horses happens to be.

2. Sometime in the next few days we\’ll post the photo above on the Western Horse Review Facebook page. Head on over there, LIKE the page, SHARE the photo with your friends, and COMMENT to let us know you\’ve shared.

3. Pin the post on your Pinterest page and include the comment Western Horse Review Christmas 2012 Giveaway in the comment box, so we can search it.

4. Tweet Western Horse Review Christmas 2012 Giveaway and include @westernhorserev in the tweet.

Contest closes Dec. 20 and winner announced Dec. 21 – just in time for an early Christmas present.

* each of Paige\’s belts are unique and individual pieces. Our giveaway belt may not be exactly as shown, and winner may have the option to design their own up in collaboration with Paige up to a value of $299. this festive Farmer\’s Market…


The Lane of Lights at Aspen Crossing in Mossleigh, AB, is beautiful. This display\’s grandeur is captivating enough for children and adults alike! It\’s free for everyone and if you would like to bring a canned food item, the good people there are accepting donations to the local food bank.


The hoarfrost around our ranch this year has been incredible. But that also means it\’s not wise to leave your halters on the fence…


Peanuts seems happy just chillin\’ out. He\’s always available for a photo-op!


Stay tuned! My Stable Life will be coming back at ya in the next couple weeks leading up to Christmas with some handmade gift ideas and more to put you in the spirit of the season!


gorgeous handcrafted belt by Paige Albrect. It\’s a good thing, as Martha would say. Loomis), USS Whiz (owned by St-Onge Reining Horses Inc.), Whiz Starbrite (owned by Amabile & Strusiner), Whizen Starlight (owned by Robert Peterson) and Whizzer Whiz (owned by Xtra Quarter Horses, LLC). Topsail Whiz’s official NRHA Offspring Earnings are $9,030,000.

Bob Loomis Reining Horses’ Topsail Whiz (Topsail Cody x Jeanie Whiz Bar by Cee Red) is an NRHA Hall of Famer who earned $49,865 in the NRHA show ring. His successes included an All American Quarter Horse Congress Junior Reining Championship, 1991 NRHA Lazy E Classic Open Championship, a third place finish in the 1990 NRHA Open Futurity, and a fourth place finish in the 1991 NRHA Derby. In 2009, the reining community mourned the loss of this great stallion when he was humanely euthanized at Loomis’ ranch in Marietta, Okla.



63 thoughts on “The Grand Christmas Giveaway”

  1. We love to go for a Christmas afternoon ride on the prairie (if it isn’t -20). Two years ago we decked ourselves out completely in red with old west style long johns over our woolies, put big red bows around the horses’ necks, and took a Christmas card photo for family and friends.

  2. I love to go for a ride on my horse in the snow and sometimes for fun we dress up!

  3. Christmas with our horses is always peaceful and very simple. A treat and a scratch. Nothing compares to the moments spent there with them enjoying the early morning sun and the calm of a day dedicated toward good will and cheer. Being.surrounded by their winter coats, their steamy breath, and their tranquility Christmas day, is a tradition and memory I will cherish until my last day on this earth. There is no place as peaceful and as reflective than a quiet moment spent with the animals you love.

  4. I love the morning when you first walk into the barn and you hear the low nickered greetings and everyone gets their morning hug/pet as they are turned out. Christmas morning is a special occasion in our barn and they get an extra special breakfast before they are turned out to blast through the snow.

  5. As a youngster I was the one responsible to go out and give the Horses their Christmas Eve treat before our Traditional Christmas Eve supper. Being raised with the mantra that you fed your animals before yourself, this was, and continues to this day, made even more special due to the special connection of animals in the Nativity. The special treat ritual has always been a part of what makes a unique Christmas experience for me.

  6. I love doing chores, the crunchy sparkling snow, the nicker of the horses, and the frost on the trees, all make me feel very peaceful and grateful=:)

  7. I love playing in the snow with the horses and making them special christmas treats 🙂

  8. I love just having another chance to be with them at the barn and giving them their Christmas cookies. They each have their own stocking on their stall.

  9. Love having the kids’ city friends out for a ride up the hill to see the snowy mountain view! If the weather cooperates of course!

  10. I would love to win the belt! What a awesome give-a-way! I tweeted about the give-a-way and pinned it too and am waiting for the fb post!
    I just love to watch the horses play in the snow and see their breath in the air in the winter. They are so beautiful!

  11. I love watching the horses eat their treats that Santa leaves them, and the joy on the kids faces when they see Santa left something for our pets too.

  12. Dianne Thibodeau

    On Christmas morning, I love to watch the horses in the field with the morning sun on their beautiful black shiny coats.

  13. Christmas is pretty solitary. I am the only person who owns horses in my family and I am nearing 60 so there are not many friends who will brave the cold windy weather in the Okanagan. I spend my winter time making peppermint treats for my two horses, teaching them some little tricks with the treats as a reward, and hanging off the fence watching and listening to them eat. I sing to them all the Christmas Carols I know all alone in the barn. Just us the dogs and the cats. That is truly peaceful and mid winter always feels peaceful to me.
    Merry Christmas

  14. My favorite Christmas activity with my horses is to take a binch of the used ribbon from the Christmas presents and braid it into their manes and tails on Christmas Day. It gives me some quiet time in the barn, and the horses look decked out for the holidays.

  15. I love to jump on bareback and go for a ride through the snow. The boys also get a few extra treats in their feed buckets.

  16. Jillian Kaufmann

    My favorite Christmas activity to do on a horse is to find a Christmas tree and drag it back to the house.

  17. Sharlene Patterson

    I love going for midnight rides in the snow. So majestic, and when the northern lights are going, spectacular!

  18. Dean Savage

    Christmas morning is the one day of the year the horses get oats for sure. Just nice being out and cleaning the feet, and watching them enjoy a treat is peacefull.

  19. At Noah’s Ark in Prince George B.C. we have enjoyed a draft horse drawn sleigh with bells through a snowy forest with lots of Christmas lights set up in the trees and along the trail. Hot chocolate and snacks waiting in the decorated (and heated) loft of the barn upon our return. My kids and I have done this in -30 degree weather twice! That is how much fun it is! There is also many types of goats, sheep, birds and pigs to feed and pet. A wonderful Christmas/winter outing.

  20. rebecca mallett

    I love to go out to the barn late on christmas eve, turn on just the christmas lights, sit back and just listen to all of the horses making horsey noises. It is a moment of absolute peace in a season filled with caotic fun.
    Happy holidays everyone!

  21. There’s nothing better at Christmas than going on a trail ride and building a fire to warm up. We also bring marshmallows and hotdogs to cook by the fire. The best it’s when it snows and everything is so beautiful and peaceful. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  22. I love to hop on bareback with a bosal on my trusty old boy and enjoy a beautiful sunny, crisp winter day. Feeling the heat from his body, seeing his breath in the air, and hearing his hooves crunch on the snow while I’m lost in thought as to how lucky I am to be exactly where I want to be. That is sheer and glorious pleasure, and made even more special because of the holidays!

  23. Lillian Dalton

    Going out to feed my horses on Christmas morning and giving them their treats is my break from the cooking, cleaning and, in general, “being stuck in the house” ..breathing in their smell and the fresh air is revitalizing. Friends and relatives over for dinner
    help out with the evening feed and it’s a treat for them too.

  24. I love visiting my horse at Christmas with special treats!! It’s like the horses know it’s a special time of year 🙂

  25. I love to get out for a morning bareback ride and give my horses a special treat for christmas as well. Previous years I have made a point of taking pictures of them in the snow.

  26. To watch my grandson make a Christmas treat for his horse. Carrots of course, horse treats,
    apples and oats. The dish even has a bow on it

  27. Christmas is special here. As I watch my grandson make a special Christmas treat for his horse.
    Of course carrots, horse treats, apples and oats. The dish even has a bow on it.

  28. I love these belts! My favourite winter activity with my horses? I love feeding them at night & watching them in the moonlight. They have a peace in the winter, more than any other time of year.

  29. Nina Lonsberry

    Pulling sleds behind the horses using rope tied to the saddle horn!

  30. spending christmas with my whole family then going down to the barn to give my horse and all the other horses stud. muffins!!

  31. I like hooking up our Fjord Pete and taking the crew for a wagon ride on Christmas Day.

  32. Holly Folkerts

    Watching them take snow baths and giving them presents (treats). Horses love Christmas cookies too.

  33. Susan Sjogren

    Love to take the kids out for a sleigh ride and the feel of the horses’s breath down my neck when they come to greet me in the morning!

  34. Frances Herring

    I love that when the house is busy at christmas time I can go down to the barn and hang out with the horses and riding through the snowy fields!!! Merry Christmas every one !

  35. Jerri McPhee

    My Mother started this tradition when I was young. Christmas morning after the presents were opened, we would make a huge batch of bran mash with apples and carrots. Then we would spend the rest of the morning with the horses. They would get a warm mash and a good scratch and lots of love.

  36. My dad pulling our cousins (that have nothing to do with horses) in a sled off his horse 🙂

  37. Britney Goebel

    My favourite thing to do involving horses around Christmas time is simply going for a nice trail ride in the knee-deep snow. There is absolutely no greater feeling than cantering through the snow bare back, feeling the chilly wind refresh us. And maybe it seems this doesn’t relate to Christmas, but spending time with my ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ horse, well, there’s no greater gift.

  38. My favorite thing to do with my horses during Christmas is dressing them up in all the Christmas gear I can find. From Santa hats, elf ears to antler. 🙂 and ride them around in the deep snow when it’s not -40 .

  39. running my hands through my horse’s winter hair…feels cool and warm…:)

  40. Making sure the horses are fed, warm & happy and get their Christmas treats right along with everyone else.

  41. Catherine Dubois

    This year if the weather allows a Christmas morning ride on my new mare with my hubby and daughter will be in order – looking forward to it:)

  42. Love riding in the snow! That is when we have any. But also love to decorate my horses stalls with Christmas bows and wreaths.

  43. Definitly hoping on the horses bareback and going for a ride through the snow with great friends would have to be my favorite

  44. Some of my favourite outings were when we’d go for a long ride in the fresh snow, and if there was enough of it, being pulled behind a favourite steed with nothing but a rope and a toboggan. Merry Christmas!

  45. Bev O'Dwyer

    Our horses are my parents farm until we can bring them down to Okotoks so anytime we can escape back to mom/dads and go for a ride, give a scratch and give Al poptarts and Cruiser/Chex/Coke apples is a good day!

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