The NRHA Introduces 4D Format


The 4D concept has worked for barrel racing, why wouldn\’t it work for reining? The NRHA has just released a new 4D format to this year’s schedule at the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Cowtown Classic.

The NRHA says: \”“4D” is a highly successful concept commonly associated with the barrel racing world. The $1,000 Added 4D Reining will be held on Sunday, August 12 in conjunction with Rookie, Youth and Green Reiner classes. The NRHA Cowtown Classic runs August 11-18 in Fort Worth, Tex. at the Will Rogers Memorial Center.

“The 4D concept is something new for the reining world. We’re so excited to bring it to the NRHA Cowtown Classic. It not only allows all ages of horses a place to be showcased, but also gives them a chance to win better paychecks. We are always looking for innovative ways to make Reining more and more appealing to those not already in our sport and we think we’ve found it,” Melanie Rinehart, NRHA Director of Events, commented on adding the 4D Reining class.

What is 4D?
It is a four-division scoring system (1D, 2D, 3D and 4D) with the highest score being declared as the 1D winner. The division breaks are determined from the highest score as follows; 2D marker is the highest score minus 2.5 points, 3D marker is the highest score minus 5.0 points and 4D marker is the highest score minus 7.5 points. The score closest to the division marker without going over is the division winner.

Example: The highest score in the class is a 74 and is declared the 1D winner. Subtract 2.5 points from 74 to determine the 2D marker (71.5). Next, subtract 5.0 points from the top score to determine the 3D marker (69); and lastly subtract 7.5 points from the top score to determine the 4D marker at (66.5). Again, the closest score to the division marker without going over is the division winner.

Entry Details
The 4D Reining is running concurrently with Rookie, Youth and Green Reiner ancillary classes with a separate $20 entry fee for the 4D Reining. If you enter the 4D Reining, NRHA will take your score from the concurrent class and use it to determine your placing in the 4D Reining class. If the rider is not already entered into an NRHA ancillary class, the horse will be placed in a separate draw that will run after the Green Reiner class and an additional judge’s fee of $20 and video fee of $10 will be charged for a total entry fee of $50.

If you are just entering the 4D Reining class,
an NRHA membership and competition license is NOT required.
It’s a great opportunity for anyone to come compete in an NRHA competition.

Each division will have $250 added with the additional Jackpot Purse being divided as follows – 35% – 1D; 30% – 2D; 20% – 3D; and 15% – 4D. Payouts will be based on the number of horses that are entered. You can see the 4D Reining Conditions for more details at

General Ancillary Classes
NRHA Cowtown Classic will also have ancillary classes throughout the week of the show. Horses must have an NRHA Competition License and owners and riders must be members of the NRHA. Entries for the ancillary classes will be closed at 12 p.m. CST the day prior to the class running and will be drawn then. For more detail, please check out the Ancillary Class Conditions. All stall reservations received prior to August 1 will be guaranteed placement as a group if you wish to be stalled with your trainer or another exhibitor.


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  1. As a reiner/barrel racer I can say this concept has completely revitalized the barrel horse world and could do the same for the reining world. It gives the people just getting involved and/or riding a less competitive horse the opportunity to at least be able to pay for part of the cost to play at their hobby. Its a great idea and glad the NRHA is thinking outside the box!

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