Ten Signs you are an Overly Confident Reiner

Top 10 Signs That You Are An Overly Confident Reiner

Don\’t try this at home…


#10 – You cheer for yourself after every maneuver you perform in a reining pattern.
#9 – You ask the judges if they can hold your coffee for you until you finish your run.
#8 – You stop – mid rundown – and position your horse so the photographer can get your “good” side.
#7 – You wear a red shirt, with a blue saddle pad, no chaps, dusty hat and a pair of gloves in your back pocket.
#6 – You spend the night before your early morning class, at a hockey game.
#5 – You ride your reiner into the ring without sliding plates.
#4 – You refrain from checking your cinch, thinking, “Cinches are for wussies anyways.”
#3 – You walk into the show ring chewing tobacco.
#2 – You walk into the show ring talking on your cell phone.
#1 – You arrive in the warm-up ring, cock your hat back on your head and announce, “You can all go home now, the winner just walked in the pen.”


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