Tuesday Morning Contest


It\’s out. The March issue, with all of its wonderful and inspiring mixed bag of western horsemanship, culture and style.

We know you\’ll like it. We think you might even love it.

This issue marks the 20th March issue I\’ve worked on, and as always, it was a bit of a labor of love. This time around, it was renewing to work on a completely fresh feature: our Ultimate Artisans of the West headliner. It gave us a chance to showcase some of the great talent we\’ve come to know and befriend over the past years, and also seek out some fresh ingenuity in our western midst. Even as the issue\’s last pages headed to the press, we were already discussing new riffs for the same sort of feature next year.

In the magazine publishing world, the challenge of the moment is always how to address the same subject in a new and fresh manner each year. Typically, this concerns how-to or what we in the magazine world refer to as \”service\” pieces. For instance, deworming. Or vaccinations. Grooming. Products such as blankets, saddles and bits. This is perennial material and finding creative ways to address the same subject year after year can be a bit of a challenge. Which is one of the reasons I always like to ask the question, \”what did you really enjoy in the last issue?\” The responses tend to conjure up ideas and sometimes, reworking an existing plan for the following year.


Since we still have a number of these useful Horse Savvy day planners in the office, I thought it would be fun to incorporate a giveaway into asking this very question. If you haven\’t seen these equine day planners yet, I can tell you they can adapt to whatever you desire them to be – daily riding journal, lesson planner, day planner, record keeper, simply a well thought out and excellent journal to have in the house (or barn).

So, please in the comment section below let us know what tweaked your interest in this March issue. What read(s) did you enjoy most? I\’ll be making a draw from all of the responses this Friday.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Contest”

  1. Doreen Carlson

    Mare and foal advice as this year i am expecting a new App foal for the first time in 7 years!!! So excited and would use the planner for the New Foal growth and maybe even enter a photo for the next planner.

  2. The Artisans of the West was my favourite but close seconds were the interview with Corb Lund and the interview about Griffins’.

  3. My personal fav was the interview with Corb Lund! REAL and genuine country music seems to be getting harder and harder to find. However, I will pin up the wormer comparison in my barn for all my borders to reference. It’s useful and easy to understand. LOVED the artisans listed, but what I’d love to see in the future is a focus on saddle makers.

  4. Fortunately I stumbled across your website. I am breeding my mare for the first time and the headline on your march issue caught my eye. I look forward to reviewing future issues!! I was also interested in the vaccination section.

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